The Top Three Things to Have Checked at Every Mechanic Visit

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People usually visit auto repair shops and speak with professional mechanics when their vehicles start to malfunction or indicate that there is a problem, but some issues are a bit more insidious than that. Here are three things you should have checked every time you visit your mechanic (like this mechanic in Red Deer) even if there isn’t an immediate sign that something is wrong:

1. Air Filters

The air filter is a quick and easy thing to change, but many people overlook the filter and neglect to do so. In fact, a recent survey on car maintenance found that almost one in five cars had dirty air filters installed. This might not seem like a big deal — after all, the exterior of vehicles get dirty all the time on the road — but letting dirt and grit get into a car’s engine and not filtering it out can be very hazardous for the vehicle. It can really shorten the lifespan of the car’s engine and lead to a very, very expensive visit to auto repair shops, so keep a clean filter in there. The 17x20x1 air filter is great as Furnace Filters, HVAC Filters, Air Filters, Custom Filters, Wholesale Filters, Bulk Filters.

2. Oil Levels

Another simple thing that car owners sometimes overlook is the quality of the oil in their car. In a survey, a little less than one in four cars were found to have low or dirty oil. Again, this is something that seems inconsequential but can have far reaching consequences. If the innards of a vehicle aren’t well lubricated with clean oil, the parts can wear on each other a lot more than they normally would and ultimately shortens the lifespan of the car by a lot. A little money put toward oil saves a lot in car repair costs.

3. Cooling Protection

By this point, you may note a pattern of small things coming with big price tags for not addressing them early. Cooling protection is another issue that car owners tend to overlook. Just as in a vehicle with low or dirty oil, a car with an inadequate cooling system, whether it is due to low coolant or a weak pump or some other radiator issue, will have more wear on other parts. If the cooling system is bad enough, the car may even have a hard time running at all and can have serious issues with its head gasket. A bit of money put toward maintenance saves a lot in repair! How will you keep your car safe? For more, read this link.