Saving Lives One Breath At A Time Why Car Breathalyzer Prices Are Changing In 2019 And Beyond

Drunk driving is a danger all drivers are aware of when they get behind the wheel. Awareness is not enough, however, and has lead technology down a new path. Another thing you should consider doing before you get back on the streets is to look for a great car accident law agency so you know where to go for legal help when you get into an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Car breathalyzers are one of today’s best weapons in counteracting drinking and driving. Able to detect the level of alcohol on a driver’s breath and lock the car, technology has provided us with a means of living safer lives. The discrete breathalyzer today has the potential to become a new standard. Embracing this change is not a detail to be ashamed of, but a logical reaction to a habit that won’t quit. If more repeat offenders embraced the discreet breathalyzer, more lives would be saved.

Getting a DUI won’t have the same result in the future. This is the power of the car breathalyzer and the ripple effect it causes.

Drinking and driving laws have gone through numerous changes. When they’re not being affected by new alcohol distribution laws, they’re being impacted by fluctuating DUI rates.¬† Read More