3 Tips for Choosing Quality Long Term Car Storage

Car storage systems

There are several reasons you may be considering long term car storage. One common reason is that your car is best driven in the summer — convertibles are fun, but not always ideal year-round — and you need winter car storage. But you might also be looking at collector car storage, if you don’t have enough space in your garage at home, or RV storage, if you’re looking to free up driveway space. Regardless of your reason, your top concern is probably secure car storage so that you know you’ll be coming back to a vehicle in pristine condition. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a long term car storage facility.

  1. Security:Your first question when vetting storage units should always be about the security system. Are there 24-hour guards? Cameras? Of course, you’ll need to balance your security preferences with the price you’re willing to pay, since these extra security measures cost the storage company more money to provide. They should also have a technician who can provide emergency garage door repair services so any type of  residential garage door is fixed immediately. Since these storage facilities are providing a service and they have to do their best to get people to rely on them, they will be sure to hire a high-quality garage door service as well, which means the work will be done promptly and effectively. You can also ask about the recent history of the facility and if there have been any break-ins or thefts in the past few years.
  2. Building Quality:Thieves aren’t the only threat to your vehicle; especially if you live in an area where winter storms or hurricanes are a concern, you should be looking at the quality of the building itself. Is it solidly built and engineered to withstand extreme weather? Ask if flooding has ever been a problem. If a car is worth storing, you’ve probably already invested quite a bit of money in it, so it doesn’t make sense to use a sub-par facility to save a few bucks a month if that means putting your vehicle at risk for damage.
  3. Accessibility:Finally, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ll be able to get to your vehicle whenever you do need it. Some facilities have limited hours (especially on Sundays or at night), which is fine as long as you’re good at planning ahead. Other, more high-tech storage companies offer 24-hour access via personalized electronic codes. You’ll want to consider your schedule and patterns of use to decide how much you’d like to invest in storage.

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