Buick v GMC Which Offers the More Family Friendly Car?

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Buick Cars: Could They Be the Best Offered Family Friendly Transportation?If you are a parent, chances are you’ll choose your next car with the family’s needs in mind. These needs will vary, but might include the following according to a 2016 CarGuru survey: transporting the baby’s stroller (33%); shuttling kids and equipment to sports games (45%); bringing along the pets (31%); heading out on a camping trip (27%); or going to the family’s vacation home (29%). There are a plethora of gorgeous vehicles on the market, each offering features designed to make our lives easier, safer, and a smooth ride. To narrow down our list, let’s focus on two classic car brands: General Motors and Buick cars.

An Autotrader.com 2014 survey named the 2013 Buick Enclave on of their “10 Must-Shop Family Cars.” If one were to look at the technical specifications and features of the 2018 Buick Enclave, it would be easy to see why this vehicle is recommended by some in the industry. A vehicle earns the title of being family-friendly if it meets or exceeds safety regulations, has decent gas mileage, room seating, and can haul around medium dog breeds family pets, sporting equipment, and vacation luggage. It’s a tall order, yet we continually ask our family friendly vehicles to meet or exceed our own expectations.

When the needs of your family dictate your automotive purchases, it is important to clearly identify what those needs are so that you take the right one home. For example, let’s say one of your children plays a team sport and you are often the designated parent to shuttle the kids around. This will mean the right vehicle for you will need to have plenty of seating and room in the back to store sports equipment.

On the other hand, what if you have a teen who is learning to drive? A vehicle like one of the Buick cars with the nifty Side Blind Zone Alert that some brands like Buick (specifically the Enclave) are offering could be useful. Ask your dealer representative about the features that matter to you and your family, as not all Buick cars will offer the same features. It might be helpful to bring a list to make things easier, especially if the kids will be going with you to the dealership.

The GMC Truck: Always Ready to Move Your Stuff.

Back in 2015, the global total for GMC vehicles sold was over 9.8 million. This brand is still going strong, as the many lovers of GMC trucks will attest. As they say, there is just something about being able to haul whatever you need to that gives one such a feeling of freedom. Call it self-efficacy, or just being the popular one to call when your friends are moving, having a truck at the ready can be convenient.

If you buy a truck, you’re going to end up moving a lot of cargo. A large, empty truck bed just seems to incite people to ask for favors, not to mention you’ll suddenly feel the need to find things that need to be transported. With that said, some trucks are better at moving heavy loads than others. If this is solely a family car, then let the dealer know the heaviest items you expect to haul are groceries and camping supplies.

If your plan for this truck means it will share family duties with a side job of heavy-duty hauling, then you’ll need to speak with the GMC dealership about what you’ll require. A list of the items you expect to transport, their estimated weight, the distance, and how often will help them find the right vehicle for your needs.

What makes a family car, a family friendly car? That’s easy. A vehicle qualifies as such when it makes transporting your family easy, and in the case of the 4G Wi-Fi add-on, fun too. In that 2016 CarGuru survey about parents choosing cars, 45% of participants also mentioned that the family car is where they frequently ask their children about their day. You see, the family car becomes more than just a way of getting around, it’s an integral part of family life. Choose the right one for your family.