Take Steps to Increase Your Protection by Purchasing SWAT Vehicles for Sale

The first individual to come up with the idea of an armored car was the artist, inventor, and visionary Leonardo da Vinci. He sketched this car in 1485, and centuries later In 2018, approximately 100,000 armored and bulletproof vehicles were on the world’s roads.

A Brief Overview of Armored Transportation Services

Within the five years prior to 2018, the Armored Transportation Services Sector grew by 2.8%. In 2018, the industry increased by another one percent. During this year alone, the industry’s annual revenue amounted to $3 billion. It is expected that the Armored Transportation Services Sector will experience continued growth due to the demand for increased protection.

Famous Personages Transported by Armored Vehicles

Quite a few famous personages and leaders have been, and continue to be, transported in armored vehicles in order to maintain their safety. In 1981, for example, there was an assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. After this, he be Read More