Don’t Buy A Car Without Catching Up On These Statistics First

Chevy car for sale

Thinking of buying a new car? Picking the right brand with the most effective and useful features can be difficult with the variety of cars, trucks and motorcycles in a crowded market. If you find yourself on the East coast, consider looking into your local Virginia car dealerships. Below are some useful statistics, facts and auto sales tips to help you avoid common pitfalls and get you started on buying the car of your dreams.

Quick U.S. Car Facts

Cars seem to be rising in popularity in spite of simultaneous increases in gas prices, with over one million more cars being sold in 2014 than in 2013 in the U.S. Over 16 million new vehicles were sold in 2014, with 84% of consumers preferring to buy their cars in person. Almost half of all consumers go to car dealerships to learn more about different car brands and features.

New Cars And Old Cars

Did you know the average car you see on the road will be over 10 years old? While older cars can be just as efficient as newer cars, many people are interested in the technology of newer models. Night vision, for example, is the second most popular new car technology at 33%. Many car dealers will even offer certified programs for buying newer used cars no older than three or four years.

Chevrolet And Cadillac

General Motors, the owners of both Chevrolet and Cadillac, delivered over 9,000,000 vehicles worldwide. Cadillac has been the leading luxury auto brand for over a century, selling over 200,000 cars in 2014 alone. Luxury car brands have increased by 8% over the past few years and show little sign of slowing down.

Buying And Leasing

Most lenders require anywhere from 10% to 20% down payment when you take out a car loan. When leasing a contract you need to keep in mind the amount of miles you’re driving — these restrictions can be as low as 9,000 miles and as high as 15,000. Whether you’re visiting your Virginia car dealerships or are still musing on what used car or new truck to buy, there are options and brands available for any lifestyle.

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