Vehicle Transport What to Know Before it Goes

Auto transport

Shipping your car is no small endeavor to undertake. Whether your vehicle is a luxury vehicle or a rusted piece of junk, safely transporting your precious and sole mode of transportation is always the goal. So what to do? The most popular option is to hire a car shipping service. Generally speaking, this is the best idea of all. As a $12 billion industry, vehicle transport provides the most viable option for shipping your car across the country or state. Whether you are transporting your car across the state, or the nation, you can trust that Interstate Car Carriers has what you need to get your vehicle delivered safely, learn more here.
Firstly, car shipping is the most cost effective option. Say you were driving your car from New York to California.

With gas costs, food, and hotel accommodations, doing the drive alone can waste you a great deal of precious time and money, most people rather contact Haulage Manchester for faster transportation services.

With car shipping, on the other hand, you can expect to spend no more than $1500 in total for a trip that long.
In addition to being less expensive, auto transport is also the greener choice.

By choosing to transport your car en mass, you are saving a great deal of gas and preventing more greenhouse gases from being emitted.
Now that you’ve decided to ship your car, what can you expect, exactly? Here are a few things you should know before you say ‘go’:

  • Take everything out of your car! While some companies let it slide with up to 100 pounds of cargo, most vehicle transport companies require you to clear out your car for safety and liability issues.
  • Try to ship your car in the off season. Summer is a peak month. If you ship during the winter, you can save up to $300.
  • Avoid auto shipping and used car sales by visiting accredited car shipping services! Seek reviews on and off their websites and be sure to ask as many questions as possible!
  • Don’t forget to read the vehicle transport company’s before-you-go checklist before handing your vehicle over.