Cutting Fluids – What Are They?

The metal cutting process leads to the generation of heat due to friction of the tool-workpiece interface and plastic deformation of the metal. Approximately 95% of the energy used in metal removal is converted into heat, leading to inefficiency or failure.

Cutting fluids prevent heat production during metalworking and machining processes. So, what are cutting fluids? Cutting fluids are usually in liquid form and are applied to chip zone to enhance the cutting life and condition of the tool. They have different functions in machining.

The following information will help you clearly understand the question at hand: What are cutting fluids? But let’s first look at the functions of cutting fluids in machining

1. Cool Tool and Workpiece

Cutting fluids cool both the tool and workpiece as fluids carry the generated heat during the machining process. To achieve this, you need to apply suffici Read More