Selling Your Corvette? These 3 Tips Can Help

Classic corvette buyers

Help! I want to sell my Corvette! What should I do?!

Remain calm! It’s not big deal — we’ll get your car sold in a jiffy.

Competitive Pricing

The first thing you have to do is price your car in a way that your are not getting ripped off and that it’s not too high that no one will even think about buying it. Simply do some research online to find out what’s the average price for your specific Corvette and adjust depending on a few variables, mileage, damage, custom additions, etc.

A good rule of thumb is to price your car a few hundred bucks ahead of what you actually plan to get. You might get lucky and will actually sell your Corvette for much more than its worth, but most likely the buyer will want to negotiate down to a lower price. So start high and then shade off a few bucks when it feels right.

Who should I sell my Corvette to?
Well, that leads us our next point. You should:

Know Who Your Potential Buyers Are

There are classic Corvette buyers out there that would love to purchase your ride off your hands. You can take a visit at some classic Corvette dealerships to get a sense of what kind of condition these Corvettes are in and if yours would be a good fit or not. Most likely, even if your Corvette is a little damaged, you’ll still be able to sell it to cash for cars companies because these buyers usually expect to do some maintenance work.

Should I advertise before I sell my Corvette?

That entirely depends on if you want to do a good job or not. If you are serious about attracting the best possible buyer — yes you should absolutely advertise. But if you just want to get rid of it with no effort — just leave the keys in it and walk away (don’t actually do that).

Create an Advertisement that Sells

Don’t just snap a few photos of your Corvette and throw it up on Craigslist or in the local paper. You should do that, yes, but get a little more creative than that. Talk about the love you had for this particular car and maybe why you’re moving on from it. Talk about how amazing it felt driving it down the road at night. Talk about how much your wife hated when you bought it but eventually loved it. Talk about everything that will make someone want to change their life and buy a Corvette. For those who are interested in selling their cars with the best deals, check out cash for cars near me.