Four Reasons to Consult with a Machine Tool Builder if Your Machine Is Making Strange Noises

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If you work with or own machine tools, then you know how important it is to keep them working properly. Machine tool builders can repair machines if they are broken or if they no longer work as well as they should. Heavy machining should be maintained not only for safety reasons, but also because it can improve efficiency, which can save you time and money. Industrial machine parts require special attention and care, and you should see a professional to get your machines fixed. If you have a machine that needs work, do not attempt to fix it yourself, because it’s a dangerous job. If you’re not experienced with repairs, a botched job can ruin the machine and you may have to replace the unit. Before you talk to a machining services company, here are a few facts about the industry.

    1. Store your machine tools in a dry area that is protected from the elements.
    Proper storage can increase the lifetime of your machine and this can mean fewer trips to machine tool builders. Repairs and replacements can be expensive, so anything you can do to keep your machine running smoothly can help mediate the cost of owning machines. If you own a lathe, clean it regularly to re-oil the wiper pads often. This will ensure your machine lasts for many years and will prevent damage that could be costly to fix.

    2. Check that the gear box spindle oil level and aproon are in the safe line.
    This is critical for any machine owner, because it can help you avoid machine tool repairs. The cost of rebuilding tools is avoidable if you meticulously care for your machine tooling and use proper machining techniques.

    3. Adjust the gibs on a lathe regularly.
    This falls under the category of proper machining techniques, and if you use a lathe often, you can probably tell when this needs to be done. Failing to adjust the gibs can cause friction between different parts of the lathe, which can lead to damage and costly repairs for your machine tool. Avoid this by practicing proper adjustment techniques.

    4. If you hear unusual noises coming from your machine tool, consult with a machine tool builders ship.
    If you suspect your machine is not working correctly, have it inspected by a power tool repair service immediately. This is a safety issue and should be considered urgent. Strange noises coming from the machine can help a machine tool builder identify the problem and necessary repair, so take note of the noise and discuss it with your machine tool mechanic.