Questions Over the Quality of Drivers Ed and Driving Lessons

There is much to consider for the requirements of beginner driving courses, and the driving lessons that will teach teens how to enter traffic properly and confidently. Many people argue about the change of the legal driving age, based on the number of teens that crash annually while they are in their first year or two on the road. It has been reported that in their first year of driving about 20% of high school juniors experience a crash of some sort. Even in their first year on the road, teen drivers are 10 times more likely to face a crash. Now, with about 6 million crashes overall in the United States every year, this number could likely decrease if there was more training provided before the official driving license was offered to a teenager.

Possibly Driving Lessons Should Improve
Another question that exists is the number of driving classes required for a teen to first get their temporary permit. As of right now, not much more after that is required in order to what is nee Read More