Are You Looking for Touch Up Paint for a Small Scratch on Your Car?

The trip with your friends to the lake house was awesome, right until it wasn’t.
The three of you joined the road trip at various times during six hour drive. One of your friends left from Omaha, Nebraska, picked up a second friend in St. Joe, Missouri, and joined you in Kansas City before driving the rest of the way to the Lake of the Ozarks.
The drive was fun. The days at the lake were fun. The nights staying up talking late at night were a blast. Even the long drive home was fun, as you and one of your friends talked the entire way. It was not until you were in your car alone that the trip turned into anything but awesome. On the final leg of the trip, all you had to do was drive the rest of the way home.
Before that final drive even started, however, the awesome weekend came to an end. You turned too sharp backing out of the stall and ripped the side view mirror off the driver side of the car. Making things worse, once you sheared the side view mirror off the car you ma Read More