Four Key Benefits For Installing An Electric Vehicle Charging Station

It’s hard to not see an electric car driving down the street nowadays. 800,000 Americans found themselves saying goodbye to traditional cars for something less harmful to the air. Not only are electric cars saving the environment, but they’re also saving wallets, too. Drivers can gain $7,500 in federal tax credits from the U.S. Department of Energy via an incentive program for simply purchasing an electric vehicle. In the future, electric cars will skyrocket in sales. A 2017 Bloomberg report states 54% of car sales will be electric cars by 2040. If you own a building, here are a few reasons why having an electric car charging station via an EV charging network is extremely beneficial.

Building owners gain tax credit

Electric car owners aren’t the only ones able to get a break in their taxes. Building owners who install a vehicle charging station can get up to $1,000 in tax credit. With the cost of owning a building on the rise, being able to save a few dollars to crucial.

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