Three Fast Facts About Hybrid Car Batteries

Honda civic hybrid battery replacement cost

In a perfect world, hybrid car batteries would last exactly as long as your car stayed on the road. Of course, in a really perfect world, cars would run on happy thoughts (and also fly), which doesn’t actually work. Trust us, we tried, it was a disaster.

Here in the real world, if you drive a hybrid vehicle, then you’re most likely feeling some lingering anxiety about the shelf life of your hybrid car battery. Instead of worrying about things you can’t control, try and focus on these three happy thoughts while you’re waiting for the red light to change.

It’s Getting Better All The Time…

More than two million hybrid vehicles were sold in the United States in 2012, according to Statistic Brain. With such a large emerging market for more fuel efficient hybrids (and thus, hybrid batteries), lots of research and development money is spent engineering longer lasting batteries.

You Aren’t Just Saving Money…

The average hybrid vehicle is up to 35% more fuel efficient than the typical gas guzzler in the lane next to you. Plus, despite the increased costs of some hybrid vehicles, most drivers will recoup that cost (and then some) over time. And depending on the car’s fuel efficiency, that hybrid can reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions by up to a corresponding 35%. That means hybrid drivers save cash while simultaneously helping the environment.

Options Exist To Protect Yourself…

Research shows the lifespan of some batteries is only six years. Fortunately, the average hybrid battery warranty usually covers at least eight years and up to 100,000 miles.

Since batteries usually don’t outlast their cars, most drivers will have to replace their battery pack at some point. If you are replacing a battery, or in the market for your first hybrid, then check with your dealer about investing in a hybrid battery warranty. After all, almost all hybrid drivers will purchase a replacement battery within six to 10 years.