What Used Cars Are the Most Reliable?

When it comes time to buy your next car, don’t be fooled into thinking that you absolutely need to have a brand new vehicle. In fact, used cars can be an excellent investment if you know which models are the most reliable. With a little bit of research, you can make a great used car purchase that will last you for years to come.

First, it pays to understand what the best types of used cars are. To do that, you’ll need to consider a few different things. Most importantly, you’ll need to consider what your driving habits are. If you’re only using your car for a short commute to work and driving locally, you might not need something made within the last three years. You could also afford to purchase a car with higher mileage on it already. But if you need a vehicle that can handle more heavy-duty driving and higher mileage, you’ll need something that’s newer and that has very low mileage on it.

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Next, you’ll want to think about how much money you’re willing to throw at maintenance and repairs. If you invest in an older used car, you’ll need to budget more money for maintenance and other repairs. Not willing to spend that much? Consider a newer model with lower mileage.


Is This a Scam Auto Body Shop?

The time to pick an auto body repair shop is before an accident happens. Accidents are stressful enough, but knowing where the damaged vehicle should be towed to is one less thing to worry about. Unfortunately, there are many scam auto body shops that do shoddy work or grossly inflate the bill. Fortunately, these can be avoided by following these tips from auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer.

Check Out Damaged Cars on the Lot

It’s normal for auto body repair shops to have damaged vehicles in their parking lots. It’s not normal for them to have the same damaged vehicles there for weeks.

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Take a photo of the damaged cars. Come back a month later and see if the same cars are still there. If they are, then skip this body shop. They do not have a quick turnover. It may take weeks or even months to get a single car repaired.

Check for a Paint Booth

Good auto body repair shops never paint cars out in the open. Wet paint attracts everything from dust to insects. These get in the paint and ruin the paint job. A good paint booth is humidity-controlled and completely sealed.

Check for Complaints on the Internet

The final check of a body shop should be an online one. Just enter the name of the body shop with words like scam or complaint. If there are many about that shop, choose another.

Truck Care Tips for First-Time Owners

Owning a truck for the first time will be different from owning a regular car. Truck owners are generally expected to carry on much more care and expertise during their ownership journey, aspects that will go a long way in keeping your truck in the best shape. If you have recently purchased your first truck and need truck care tips, here are some to consider using, once you are done reading this article visit the next link for another important article about the importance of fleet vehicle maintenance.

Keep Attorney Info Handy

Emergencies can arise at any time during your drive, a factor that will require you to have professional help to ensure you get out of such a situation, whether you are at fault or free of negligence. You or someone you know may also fall victim to a trucking accident so having the contact details of  a truck accident attorney will come in handy. With this in mind, having attorney information close by will guarantee that you have someone to guide you through any unforeseen circumstances. Your attorney contact number should, for instance, always be listed under the emergency contact list on your mobile phone. Additionally, you can also have your lawyer’s number written down on paper and stored in your glove box if you lose your phone. Some of the benefits of having attorney information at hand include:

Getting Timely Advice – If you get involved in an accident, a truck accident attorney will be an ideal partner in helping you navigate your current situation. Their help will come in handy when you need to file insurance claims, allowing you to get the proper compensation for fixing your truck.

Defending You – When you are faced with a lawsuit after an at-fault accident arises, an attorney will be essential in taking care of your legal trial. This means appearing before the court and representing you during negotiations. In addition to this, they can also help you sue the at-fault driver when they fail to pay for damages caused to your truck.

Treat it Like You Need to Return It

Now that you finally have the keys to your truck, you may occasionally get tempted to neglect it as the title currently falls under your name. Rather than letting it get worn out under your watch, ensure that you treat it with the utmost care. One way of doing this is keeping a proper maintenance schedule. Here are some truck care tips to use for this:

Inspect Your Engine – Engine failure can cause long-term damage to your truck, resulting in expensive repair costs down the line. If you spot signs such as excessive smoking, decreased power when driving, or loss of oil pressure, then you are likely dealing with a faulty engine. Have truck rental technicians have a look at it for compression tests. Make it a point to regularly monitor your oil pressure while ensuring that your engine coolant and exhaust temperatures are at the proper levels.

Check Your Tire Levels – While overinflated tire levels may result in blowouts, underinflated ones will cause fuel efficiency. To get the proper balance, check your truck manual to gauge the correct inflation levels. The markings around the trim of your truck’s tire can also help you with this, ensuring you avoid any of these problems.

Beware Of Brake Failure – Brake failure constitutes the largest share of truck accidents, with truck owners facing irreparable damage during such incidences. To avoid this, ensure that you regularly keep up with your brake truck care tips. This includes occasional brake checks, where your technician should, for instance, replace your truck’s brake pins, springs and bushings every time your pads are replaced.

Be Mindful of Your Truck’s Size

When it comes to operating a truck, its driving needs will differ from that of smaller vehicles. Driving a truck requires different handling, a factor that will ensure your safety and that of other motorists on the road. For starters, consider the following:

Space Cushion – Space cushion refers to the space between you and other objects on the road. An example of this includes tunnel distance from your truck’s roof. Additionally, the area around you and other vehicles will matter. By paying attention to these factors, the space cushion will be essential during driving and parking.

Stopping Distance – Due to the load that trucks often carry, stopping it will generally require more time, a factor that all drivers need to remember when out on the road. Having increased stopping distance will especially come in handy during truck transport driving at night, along with curved entrances and roads and hilly areas. In addition to this, greater stopping distance will be essential when driving on small lanes and during wet conditions.

Hazards on the Road – Objects on the road, such as crossing animals, can be easily avoided by regular vehicles but will often cause hindrances for trucks trying to navigate around them. Beware of such obstacles that could make driving difficult and watch out for other disturbances such as potholes, uneven lanes, and lane restrictions. Ensure that all your lights are functioning to allow you to spot items in your path, with your truck’s reflective strips also helping other motorists spot you well in advance.

Don’t Be Afraid to Replace Parts

Depending on the driving that your truck will be used for, some of its parts will occasionally require more replacement than others. This should not cause any concern, as it generally applies to all trucks. Some of the most common truck care tips and replacement you will encounter include:

Tires – Truck tires are designed to serve you through at least 50,000 miles, making them much more durable than other parts of your vehicle. But even with this, they will still need their share of replacement. When this happens, ensure that you source your new wheels from trusted auto dealers. Have your truck specifications in mind when purchasing them to avoid any misalignment during their fitting.

The Drive Belt – Replacing the drive belt also falls under our truck care tips that you need to follow up with. If you hear some cracks from your hood, your drive belt will likely be the cause. Additionally, if you spot any looseness in your drive belt, ensure you replace it before going on your next drive.

Brake Pads – Brake pads take on a significant amount of power during truck stops, being another commonly replaced truck part due to wear and tear. Faulty brake pads will often manifest themselves in the form of high-pitched squeals that are audible during high-speed drives and when your truck windows are rolled up. When you also experience frequent shaking in the frame of your truck, your brake pads need to be fixed. During replacement, ensure that you stay away from used truck parts, which will only lead to future truck emergencies.

Keep a Spare Key Around

Lockout situations are never easy and will not get any better when you own a truck. If you are looking for ways to avoid this, the solution lies in keeping a spare key around. For help with this, here are some hiding spots to consider adding to your truck care tips:

In Your Wallet – Your wallet is one of the go-to places that you can keep your spare key, as it will generally be in your pocket at all times. Have a key expert duplicate your key and have the extra hidden in your wallet when walking or even driving around.

Behind Your License Plate – Your license plate also serves as another hiding spot when looking to avoid any lockout scenarios. Based on your preference, you can use the front license plate or the back, with most truck owners preferring the front since it is always in view whenever you step away from your vehicle. You can also make use of a license plate hiding container that ensures you eliminate time spent fumbling around when tracing your spare key in your plate.

Inside Your Bumper – Hiding your spare key inside your bumper is another common hiding spot known to vehicle owners. Due to its ease of access, it will ensure that you always have your spare close by. Due to security purposes, however, ensure that your replacement car key can only open your truck door and not the ignition.

Don’t Ignore Dents

Dents may not impact your driving capability but will be detrimental when you need to sell your truck because of poor appearance. To avoid this, consider fixing dents as another of our essential truck care tips, as failure to do so could result in the following:

Paint Chipping – When dents occur, the paint sealant on your truck also gets damaged. Due to the absence of a protective coat on the dented areas, increased paint chipping will occur, exposing other areas of your vehicle to corrosion.

Increased Fading – Dents often expose underlying vehicle materials to weather elements such as heat and sunshine, conditions that result in increased truck deterioration. These will lead to more fading on surfaces exposed to the elements, creating unattractive spots around your truck.

Dent Removal Techniques – One easy dent repair method that you can use to avoid the above includes utilizing a plunger to suction out minor dents. If, however, you have larger dents, consult your auto repairs specialists to ensure you do not accelerate the existing damage.

Invest in Good Insurance

Signing up for a good insurance policy will be another essential item to consider for your truck care tips. The benefit of investing in an excellent automotive insurance plan will be the reduced liability and expenses you get during accidents and weather-related damages that are out of your control. With the right cover, you can minimize your financial losses, with insurance providers often paying for damages caused during your truck ownership journey. This means you can always have your track replaced or repaired depending on the situation at hand, helping you keep up with unforeseen maintenance costs year-round.

Make Sure You Fit in the Garage

Numerous truck drivers have had to endure curb-side parking after realizing that their new truck cannot fit into their garage, a mistake that you may, unfortunately, fall prey to. Before purchasing your new ride, make it a point first to measure the length and height of your garage. With these measurements in mind, you can then scale up or down your truck size requirements, eliminating any need for outside parking. If, however, you have already purchased your truck and cannot get it to fit into your garage, a garage installation expert will come in handy for this. Professionals in this area will help you remodel your garage for your truck, with the possibility of adjusting your garage door openers or incorporating a bump out to your garage.

Wash Your Truck Bed After Transporting Materials

Whether you use your truck to take off the road drives or transport work materials, you will likely collect all manner of debris during your journey. Material such as topsoil will be one of the most frequent components that you are likely to deal with that often calls for a thorough cleaning when looking to avoid long-term damage.

For starters, sweep out any debris on the truck bed. A broom can help eliminate material such as rock and movable items, but a shovel will come in handy in removing components such as snow and soil. Next, spray your bed with a high-pressure washer. Aim for the corners that often trap accumulated debris. Leave your tailgate open while doing this to allow the dirt and water to flow out. After you are done with this, apply car washing soap and scrub off the remaining dirt. Ensure that you use the suitable soap as strong detergents will result in a faded truck bed.

The next step of your truck care tips will be rinsing and drying. Clean off the bed with a pressure washer, remembering to inspect all corners and cracks. You can then dry your truck with a dry cloth or leave it out in the open to dry in the sun.

Owning a truck for the first time comes with a different set of responsibilities and will likely leave you grappling with some everyday routine practices. If you need help with maintenance tips, spare key hideout spots, or cleaning, the above truck care tips will be an essential part of your truck journey. Consider paying attention to each tip for help with your truck operations.

Learn Car Repair Online For FREE

Many people take the less expensive route to buying a new car by buying used. About three out of four cars sold in the United States are used cars. Unfortunately, used cars typically require a little more repair work at the auto mechanics, which of course, can reduce the overall savings of buying a used car.

Many consumers are taking the time to learn car repair online to help reign in those costs. Free learn car repair online options are a great way to ensure that you get the best value out of your vehicle.

You Can Do This

A lot of people are a bit leery about taking on their own car repairs and it is normal to feel concerned. Most of the concern comes from the mystery that surrounds car repair. When you learn car repair online in an easy to follow step by step process the mystery is removed and it builds confidence.

The opportunity to learn car repair online is a great way to learn more about how your car, truck, or van functions. It can actually make you a more confident driver and ultimately a more savvy consumer. The veil of mystery that surrounds car repair can be lifted when you learn car repair online.

An Opportunity for Everyone

Everyone who owns a car, truck, or van, should take the opportunity to learn car repair online. Even if you do not take on the big jobs like engine replacement yourself, you will gain the knowledge, to manage the smaller repair jobs like air conditioner repair.

Knowledge is power. When you learn car repair online, you are giving yourself a tremendous advantage when you head to the auto dealers the next time to buy a new or used car. Understanding at least the basics of car repair can give you the knowledge base you need to make informed decisions when buying a vehicle

Here are some reasons you should take advantage of learning how to repair a car online:

  • Number one reason you should learn car repair online is the money that you will save.
  • You will feel really good knowing you can take care of your car and thereby help your family out.
  • You can stop worrying about car repair. If you worry about potential breakdowns taking the bull by the horns and making those repairs on your own before your car breaks down you will have peace of mind.

You never know where learning car repair can take you, you may become a bumper repair expert that other people seek out for help. The fact is that your local mechanic was once exactly like you. No one is born knowing how to repair cars it is a learned skill set that anyone that has the motivation can learn.

The best part of learning car repair online is that you do not have to pay for the education. You can become a truck repair expert for free when you choose to learn car repair online. You will have the skillset to not only fix your own vehicle you will be in a position to help friends and family members with their car repair needs.

You never know where this learning can take you. You may wind up starting your own custom car shop with the information you are able to learn online about car repair. This can open a world of opportunities for you.

Where Can You Learn Car Repair Online For Free

There is a wealth of information online. If we have your attention and you are ready to take on that heating repair for your vehicle on your own you can start at AA1 Car. It is a website that provides a litany of car repair support from diagnostics to putting the wrench to the bolt step by step information.

AA1 Car offers an A-Z listing of all car repair topics and can help you with diagnostics. One of the hardest parts of fixing a car sometimes is figuring out what is wrong with the car. For example, if you are dealing with an electrical service problem, your headlights may keep blowing out, but it could be a module located somewhere else. AA1 Car can help you to learn car repair online and making sure you are coming to the right conclusions about the problem.

Another great site with a wealth of information Auto Service Professional. You can become a member on this site and learn car repair online. There are hundreds of articles that address many of the most common auto repair problems. Don’t let the name fool you, you do not have to be an auto service professional to join. From the website, their mission is “providing highly accurate technical information to independent repair “. That means that if you are stumped with car repair this website will have answers.

Carparts.com is a very popular site for ordering car parts, but that is not all they have to offer. You can learn car repair online through this website for free. They have many tutorials available for the parts that they sell to help you along with the installation. These tutorials are step by step tutorials. When you order car parts from Carparts.com you also can get free support if you have any questions about the parts. The articles that you find on this website are easy to digest and highly informative. You can find solutions for everything from towing to engine replacement. All the information is free and it is fully comprehensive.

The above sites are a great option to learn car repair online for free, but you do need to have some basic knowledge of how a car works or what repairs you need. If you are a complete novice, don’t worry, there are options to so they can help you with your car and take you out of trouble like the tow truck dublin company has done for many drivers.

Starting From Absolute Scratch

The fact is people that have knowledge about how a car works typically, do not believe that some people really have no basic knowledge. That is okay. Even if you do not know the difference between an oil dipstick and a valve stem, there are options for you to learn car repair online.

Auto Education is a great placed to learn all the basics about car repair. This website takes you through every part of your car from the exterior to the interior to explain the function in easy to understand language. When you finish the courses at Auto Education you will know what maintenance is necessary, how to do some of the maintenance on your own, how to recognize when your car needs repairs, and much more.

Every new car owner should be required to take the course at Auto Education to help them better understand what their cars need to stay safe on the road. This website covers topics like:

  • Body care and how the body of your car is built. Car accidents, truck accidents, and other motor vehicle accidents often cause body damage. This basic knowledge can help you to understand what it takes to make these type of car repairs.
  • Fuel and how to get more efficiency.
  • Electrical systems, engine systems, transmission systems, and more.

You can find bumper to bumper information on the website that will talk you through each part so that you can learn car repair online and all the basics about car care, car repair, and how to get the most out of your car.

Another great site for the novice is Autoshop 101. This is another site that starts with the basics and works up to more complex topics so you can learn car repair online. One of the best things about Autoshop 101 is that they do a great job of keeping things simple so that anyone no matter how little knowledge they have can learn car repair online.

Autoshop 101 offers an extensive menu of information, including:

  • Online tests
  • Technical articles
  • Instructor support

This website is an actual learning site where you can enroll in courses, take tests to test your knowledge, and learn everything you need to know about car repair. This site can help the novice to get started and can help the professional that is working toward their ASE license.

Other Resources to Learn Car Repair Online

There are literally millions of websites that can help you to learn car repair online. What if you have a basic knowledge of car repair and need help from a professional to answer some specific questions about repair? JustAnswer is a great service that will connect you with an expert for a small fee to get your questions about car repair answered.

Another site that offers a great deal of information and an opportunity to learn car repair online is YouCanIc. This website offers a range of video tutorials that are very easy to follow. Here you can also find free auto repair manuals online. You can download the repair manuals and print them out.

AutoZone also offers a bevy of information that can help you to learn car repair online. They offer pages and pages of instruction on how to install the parts that they sell. They also offer a way to contact support to answer any of your questions. AutoZone is a parts store that offers a complete range of aftermarket parts for cars, trucks, vans, and other motorized equipment. At this site, you can learn about car repairs and order your parts at the same time.

RepairPal is another site that can further your knowledge base about car repair. You simply input your make and model and can access a ton of information about diagnostics, the right parts, and repair tutorials. A unique feature of this website is if you find yourself stuck with the repair you can get cost estimates for the repair right online.

Car Talk is a nationally syndicated radio show and they have a website. If you have ever tuned in to the show you know that you can get answers to your most pressing repair questions. The website offers the same type of support except in digital form. You can find a host of repair problem solutions and more on this website.

Popular Mechanics website. Popular Mechanics has been providing reliable information for generations. The Popular Mechanics website offers that same level of rich how-to information that covers everything from basic car maintenance to more complex problem-solving content.

Other forums or channels where you can learn car repair online:

  • You can find YouTube tutorials online. These videos can provide the information that you need to make car repairs on your own. Do be careful about which video you choose though because many videos are posted by people just like you that are still very much in the learning stages.
  • You Fix Cars is another site where you can find tutorials and other vehicle repair information.
  • Heyitsfree is a (.net) site that offers people in search of car repair help solutions. There are articles, blogs, and forums where users can interact with each other to solve some common car repair needs.

Taking that first step to learning car repair online is the hardest. It can be scary to think about fixing your own car if you have zero experience working on cars. After the first couple of sessions of car repair using what you learned online, you will become far more confident and ready to tackle bigger car repair needs.

You can wind up saving a lot of money when you learn car repair online. You can also learn to make more informed decisions about which car, truck, or van you should buy. Every driver should know how to manage at least basic maintenance tasks for their car on their own. It is cost savings and can actually extend the life of your vehicle.

Learning how to make repairs, manage maintenance, and self-diagnose issues with your car can mean not having to worry about waiting until you have the money to pay the professionals. When something breaks you will be able to address it quickly for a fraction of the cost. Learn car repair online and take control of your auto repair needs.

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