High Quality Hybrid Replacement Batteries Offer Peace of Mind

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Hybrid owners love their cars and they have many good reasons to do so. Hybrids are highly fuel efficient, they reduce harmful emissions, and hybrid owners are offered tax incentives to buy hybrid cars. But a looming fear for owners is hybrid battery battery replacement, which can be expensive.

However replacing a hybrid battery doesn’t need to be a major anxiety-provoking event. A high quality hybrid battery replacement can sometimes be better than the factory-installed one and give your beloved car a new lease on life.

Reasons to love hybrid cars

Hybrid cars have taken off in popularity and staying power, and in 2012 more than 2 million were sold in the U.S. To be precise, Statistic Brain estimates 2,180,000 hybrid vehicle sales in the United States in that year. Of these, 209,216 were estimated to be Honda Civic Hybrid models.
There are many reasons to love hybrids. The three top reasons are:

  • Fuel economy: Hybrid cars fuel economy is typically estimated to be 20-35% greater than cars that run on gasoline.
  • Reduce harmful emissions: Using a combination of gasoline and an electric power source, hybrids conserve gasoline, which helps to reduce emissions that harm the environment by 25% to 35% on average.
  • Tax incentives: Hybrid drivers can save up to $3,400 dollars in taxes in the U.S.

How to replace a hybrid battery

The one downside to hybrid cars is that the battery will have to be replaced or repaired some time within six to ten years of the original purchase. Hybrid battery repair and replacement can be expensive, specially if you take the car back to the dealership.

Fortunately for those needing hybrid battery replacement
, high quality replacement batteries are available from dealers who offer reliable customer service and long lasting warranties. With these advantages, the replacement battery performs even better than the original factory-installed one, giving you and your car many more happy miles on the road.

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3 Hybrid Cars With Great MPG Drivers Can Actually Afford

Hybrid battery repair

Although the Toyota Prius might be the first vehicle that comes to mind when you hear the word “hybrid car,” Honda’s line of hybrid vehicles fill up “Best of…” and “Top X…” lists all over the Web. Although a few luxury automakers might offer cars with better fuel mileage, they also cost U.S. consumers an arm, and a leg, and at least one more limb besides. On the other hand, the Honda hybrid fuel economy is paired with an affordable sticker price, making these cars a favorite of green drivers the world over. For drivers wondering how to get the best MPG for their money, Honda hybrids have long been a popular alternative to the famous Prius.

2015 Honda Accord Hybrid
MSRP: Starting at $29,300
MPG: 50 city / 45 highway; Horsepower: 195 HP
Honda Accord Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost: About $2,100

For drivers interested in the best Honda hybrid fuel economy, the Accord is their best bet. Although it’s more expensive than other hybrids from Honda, it ears its sticker price as one of the most fuel efficient hybrids on the road today.

2014 Honda Civic Hybrid
MSRP: Starting from $27,300
MPG: 44 city / 47 highway; Horsepower: 110 HP
Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost: About $2,100

This hybrid version of this Honda sedan is proving almost as popular as its standard issue cousin. Far cheaper than a luxury hybrid, but much more affordable than similar offerings from Volkswagen and Ford.

2014 Honda Insight
MSRP: Starting from just $18,700
MPG: 41 city / 44 highway; Horsepower: 98 HP
Honda Insight battery replacement cost: About $2,100

Some cars are just too beautiful to live. Although the Honda Insight stopped being produced in 2014, for awhile it had the best Honda hybrid fuel economy for the money. In fact, it was one of the most fuel efficient hybrids under $20,000 ever produced.

Other carmakers could learn a lesson from the superior Honda hybrid fuel economy standards. Consumers shouldn’t have to fork over $35,000 just to drive around in a hybrid with great fuel efficiency.