The Secrets to Optimizing Your Fuel Economy

Honda hybrid battery

One of our biggest expenses these days is paying for gas. The lifestyles we live mean that we drive to work, to recreational activities, run errands, and go to appointments. With the cost of gas these days — which always seems to be rising — the money we shell out for gas each week can make a huge dent in your wallet. Here are some ways to increase your fuel economy and save your self some money.

Taking good care of your car and keeping up with the maintenance is one way to make the most of your fuel economy. Having good parts on your car and making sure your tires are in good shape is a good place to start. Tires should always be properly inflated and the wheels should not be cracked or bent.

The way you drive also has an effect on your fuel economy. Going the speed limit uses less gas to begin with and you’ll use the breaks less often. Not driving aggressively by not speeding or breaking more than is necessary will not waste as much fuel. Furthermore, not hauling anything while you’re driving or avoiding carrying unnecessary weight will not use as much gas either. And if you feel like you’ve been wrongly given a speeding ticket then check out how to fight a traffic ticket las vegas.

One of the best ways to get the best fuel economy though, is to drive a hybrid car. Hybrid fuel economy is so good because the car runs from two energy sources. One of them is traditional gasoline and the other is a hybrid battery. Electric batteries for cars make the fuel economy so impressive because the car switches between the two and the battery regenerates when the car is braking. The only caveat with buying a hybrid car is that hybrid batteries often fail. This is not such a huge concern these days, as hybrid battery replacement is pretty common and it is getting easier and less expensive to do.