Ultimate OEM and Aftermarket Auto Parts and Accessories Guide

Semi-trucks have long been at the heart of freight operations in the US and are responsible for moving approximately 71.5% of the country’s freight. Their dominance in this arena is attributed to their massive freight-moving power. On average, a US semi-truck can haul up to 80,000 pounds in one trip! If you own one, then we need not explain the power as you are a first-hand witness of what these road behemoths can do. However, even though super-powerful, semi-trucks are also subject to wear and tear. Therefore, like any other vehicle, they also require regular maintenance and semi truck accessories for maximum performance. It is thus important you understand the difference between OEM and aftermarket truck parts, as well as some of the myths about big truck accessories for informed buying decisions. hello

OEM and Aftermarket Semi Truck Accessories; what’s the Difference?

The quality of the semi-truck accessories you buy can greatly amp up its performance. Nevertheless, as Read More