Ultimate OEM and Aftermarket Auto Parts and Accessories Guide

Semi-trucks have long been at the heart of freight operations in the US and are responsible for moving approximately 71.5% of the country’s freight. Their dominance in this arena is attributed to their massive freight-moving power. On average, a US semi-truck can haul up to 80,000 pounds in one trip! If you own one, then we need not explain the power as you are a first-hand witness of what these road behemoths can do. However, even though super-powerful, semi-trucks are also subject to wear and tear. Therefore, like any other vehicle, they also require regular maintenance and semi truck accessories for maximum performance. It is thus important you understand the difference between OEM and aftermarket truck parts, as well as some of the myths about big truck accessories for informed buying decisions. hello

OEM and Aftermarket Semi Truck Accessories; what’s the Difference?

The quality of the semi-truck accessories you buy can greatly amp up its performance. Nevertheless, as Read More

Five Vital Details Every Big Truck Owner Should Know

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The trucking sector is an important segment for the American  economy due to its responsibility in facilitating the transportation of huge quantities of goods and materials. Approximately 3.5 million drivers run the big trucks industry, as estimated by the American Trucking Association. Other agencies such as the Department of Transportation and independent owner-operators, as well as, diesel repair shops, contribute to the evolution of the big truck industry. Here’s is what you need to know about new big trucks hitting the market and the components comprising the big trucks industry.

1. Review of the Introduction of New Big Trucks

With the continuous growth of the trucking industry, the launching of new models of big trucks in the market is inevitable. In an attempt to improve the functioning and efficiency of tractor trailer parts, trucking companies are introducing new models in the market. Recently, Autocar DC-64M and DC-64P were introduced. The Autocar DC is a ne Read More

The Four Things You Need To Know Before Buying Aftermarket Truck Parts

You may love your truck, but there is always room for improvement, right?

Your truck can benefit from aftermarket parts that can improve its performance, and keep it running smoothly for longer. There is an aftermarket truck part for almost anything, and if you have the skills and know-how to install them yourself, you can create your customized truck in no time.

When searching for top-quality aftermarket truck parts online, you’ll come across a variety of options catering to every make and model. From basic repairs to heavy equipment transmission repair, American truck parts are sought after globally. Whether you’re in need of replacements or enhancements, consulting with a truck parts specialist, like those at IEDLS Driveshaft Shop, can guide you in optimizing your truck with the right aftermarket components.

You’re not stuck with the parts that came with your truck, and you don’t need to settle for medium performance. With the right aftermarket truck part, your truck can perform better, last longer, and be more enjoyable to drive. An aftermarket truck part might be just what you need to give your truck a new life and get even more value out of your vehicle.

Buying truck replacement parts for your rig from an aftermarket source can save you money, and when it comes to finding truck parts online, you have a lot of options. With so many aftermarket dealers out there, it can be difficult to decide who’s best for you. While you can often tell which company is on the up and up after looking through their truck parts catalog, here are a couple of tips for picking the right one for you.

Picking The Best Aftermarket Company

    • Find a Company That Will Work for You. If you head to your original manufacturer, typically only one replacement part is available; however, it’s easy to see after a quick search through a truck parts catalog that there are a lot of aftermarket brands out there. When selecting one of these you not only want to make sure the part will work for you, but you should feel confident that the company you’re buying from is willing to help you get exactly what you need. If you have any questions you should be able to reach out to them and get a definitive and helpful answer, if not, it may be best to look at another company, we always recommend to check the cincinnati oh new ford cars for sale, as they have the best options.
    • Check and Compare Prices. Prices are easy to compare if you pull up different used car parts catalogs online; however, aftermarket parts are usually always less expensive than original manufacturer replacements. If you find an aftermarket part that costs more than the original, don’t discount it off-hand, though it may have additional improvements that are added to the price. If you want to stick to basics, you can also just compare across aftermarket sites and pick one that falls in the middle. You don’t want to pick the cheapest option necessarily unless reviews are available.
    • Read Other User Reviews. As stated above, when shopping online you will often find reviews from previous buyers. If a part is highly rated and reviewed by other truck owners, then it’s more than likely on the up and up. Some online truck parts catalogs may even feature search by top rating features, if that is available it’s worth checking out before buying. View functional and versatile ute tub racks here.
    • Make Sure They Have The Parts For Your Truck. Aftermarket sources will often carry parts for a wide array of makes and models. In order to get the most out of the company, you choose to go with, make sure they cater to the truck you have. If they have all the major components you’re good to go; however, if they only feature one or two things, you may want to find a company that specializes more in what you need. This prevents you from having to shop around in the future if you need a part that they end up not having.
      The best aftermarket companies will be available to help you find the parts that you need. They will also be knowledgable enough to instruct you on the benefits of the part, and how it should be maintained. If you are looking for replacement truck parts, buying them from an aftermarket source can be financially beneficial, but it does require a bit of research. Don’t hesitate to shop around or speak with different companies to see what they can offer you.