Three Cool Tricks to Make Your Victory Bike Ride Even Better

Victory motorcycle dealers

Triumph Victory motorcycle dealers want their customers to have fun with their Victory bikes, but don’t recommend that they pull any insane stunts, even if they want to be YouTube famous. That being said, there are some tricks they can get behind.

Here are just a few.

Blip the Throttle to Make Down Shifting Easier.

By blipping Victory bikes’ revs, riders won’t have to match their rear wheel speeds and the engine won’t have to catch up suddenly. After you pull in the clutch and downshift, quickly blip the throttle. It takes some practice, but once riders get the hang, they can just let the clutch spring back, engaging the lower gear. This little trick will make rides smoother, particularly around hard corners.

Figure Out Tight Corners Ahead.

Victory bikes can handle sharp turns, but that doesn’t mean necessarily makes things any easier, especially if one comes out of nowhere. Luckily, riders can see if a corner is tight or opens up by looking at the horizon point where the sides of the road seem to meet. If it appears to move forward, the corner is tightening. Away, it’s opening.

Don’t Clutch For Upshifts.

The riders of Victory bikes should go ahead and just forget about using the clutch when shifting up, which provides smoother, faster shifts and slightly lower clutch wear. When accelerating and getting ready to shift into a higher gear, bikers should get the toes of their boots under their Victory bikes’ levers and apply a bit of pressure upwards. Then, they should close the throttle, while maintaining the upward pressure on the shift livers. Once the gear shifts, they should open things back up.

Victory bikes are some of the best rides out there, but these little tricks can make them even better. You may also purchase a few pieces of motocross apparel especially if you’re into racing.