Six Buick Cars That Are Only Available In China

Buick sport utility vehicle

Buick Cars are one of those makes that will never ever be old to be cool. The Chinese market has what some might call a deep obsession for buick cars. The brand is extremely popular and has been so since General Motors introduced it to the Chinese market decades ago. While the good ol? days of Buick cars speeding through the American roadways are long gone, business has never been better in China. China is the world?s biggest auto market where driving a foreign vehicle like a brand new Buick means higher status in their society. There?s not a car dealership in China that does not have at least one or two of the family Buick vehicles available on its lot. It?s the country?s hottest luxury car with over 254,000 of them rolling off the lot in the year 2011.

Here are some top Buick cars that are only found in the Chinese market and nowhere else.

The Buick Excelle
This luxury vehicle has been a major part of the Chinese line up of Buick cars since the early 2000s. It was last updated in 2013 and is marketed to Chinese buyers as a luxury family car. While sales for this family car continues to grow as the years past, GM plans to release another model in 2017. It?s quite obvious that these vehicles will be in demand for quite some time now.

Buick Verano
This sedan is considered by many Chinese buyers as the epitome of luxury. It is also the successor of the Buick Excelle GT but a much smaller executive car in comparison. It?s mainly popular among business professionals. There?s not an office building in China where one of these is not seen parked in the lot. It?s known as a very high end luxury vehicle in China.

Buick Excelle GT
Luxury Buick cars like the Excelle GT are one of those stand alone sedans that will continue to grow in popularity besides having absolutely no relations to its predecessor, the Buick Excelle. The market is still demanding more new cars from this model while it remains the Buick?s best selling sedan till this day. Chinese consumers seems to not be able to get enough of the waterfall grille and classy interior that comes with this luxury sedan.

Buick Verano Hatchback
While hatchback vehicles in China have never been very popular when compared to a new sedan and new suv, this hatchback is sold to Chinese consumers as a more sporty alternative sedan. It;s a much more racier luxury vehicle as opposed to the other Buick cars.

Buick GL8
This luxury Buick is considered the face of Buick cars in China. The Chinese refer to these vehicles as the business car. The car has been remodeled in recent years but has not fallen off the market not once with sales still going strong. While it?s become a much cheaper model in China, the company has since said that they have no plans of discontinuing this model.

Buick GL8 Luxury MPV
Based on the same platform as the regular and much older model the GL8, this one has a newer look and has much more modern features compared to it?s predecessor. Priced much higher, it is considered a corporate fleet making. However this particular model will soon be obsolete as a new model will soon be rolling out of the factory.