Beginner Driving Schools — How These Lessons Help Create Safer and Smarter Drivers

For drivers between 16 and 19, the fatality rate is four times higher than that of drivers aged 25 to 69. For teens just starting to get behind the wheel, driving classes are essential to ensuring that they not only know the rules of the road but how to drive safely and defensively.

The Benefits of Beginner Driving School

Teens who have completed a beginner driving course have a strong advantage over those who have never attended driving school. Statistic show that teens who start driving without proper training are:

  • 16% more likely to get into an accident.
  • 24% more likely to get into an accident that causes injury or death.
  • 75% more likely to receive a traffic ticket.

Because beginner driving schools emphasize correct driving procedures, as well as how to drive defensively, teens learn how to prevent Read More

Before Handing Over The Keys, Make Sure Your Teen Is Prepared

All teenagers look forward to the day when they get their licence, but as parents we tend to dread that day. While we trust our kids, we also know that driving can be dangerous, and not everyone obeys the ‘rules of the road’. One of the best ways to prepare our teens is by enrolling them in a drivers ed course.

The Benefits Of Drivers Ed

Drivers training isn’t mandatory in a lot of states, and while some high schools offer driving lessons, too often they’re put on the back burner. By finding a driving school near you, especially during the summer, you can offer your teen an easy way to earn their licence, while also giving them invaluable knowledge about safe driving. A couple of the most significant benefits of drivers ed classes can include:

  • Lower Insurance Costs. Teens that complete drivers training are often eligible for significant insurance discounts. This Read More