Fan of the Classics? These Replica Car Kits Can Spruce up Any Vehicle

You love classic cars but you know that they come with a price and particular upkeep that you might not be able to maintain on your own. Whenever you see a beautiful old Chevy or Mustang pass you by, you might wonder when you’ll ever have your dream vehicle or if it’s simply a dream that is getting away from you. Luckily, there is an item known as a replica car kit that will build you the muscle car of your dreams if you have made this your ongoing hobby. Some might say that these car kits are ‘not as good as the originals,’ but this is far from the truth.

Why a Replica Car Kit Might Be For You

If you believe that a replica car kit is just as good as the real thing, making any vehicle into a beauty without the care of an old vehicle, there are many kits available for you on the market. One of the most popular is the Shelby Cobra kit, with many people feeling nostalgic about this beautiful vehicle that stormed the country.

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What Is A Cobra Car Kit And How Has It Withstood The Test Of Time?

Cobra kit car for sale

Why do Americans love cars so much, anyway? Well, you’ll have to dive back into a little history. The United States is a massive country, filled to the brim with different cultures and intersecting histories — automobiles provided, then and now, everything from transportation to financial independence for populations over the decades. This has carried over into modern car culture, giving birth to Cobra car kits, racing industries and car shows. Whether you’re looking to buy a car or want to use a Cobra car kit to spice up your model, it never hurts to be a little more knowledgeable about one of the greatest human inventions! Below is a little quick history and industry figures as well as some detailed looks into Cobra car kits.

History Of Automobiles In America

Human history is filled with many different modes of transportation, from horse-drawn carriages to unicycles. Automobiles originated in the late 1800’s, significantly different from the models we know today thanks to their steam engines and relatively fragile designs. Cars didn’t enter mass production until the 1900’s, with Ford and Cadillac leading the charge in quality and reliability. With some of the most significant competitors presenting their own models in countries like Germany and Japan, the United States had to work overtime to provide some of the most powerful, affordable and beautiful models around. Which car models have withstood the test of time, though, and why?

Popular Car Models

Even now, Ford and Chevrolet are some of the biggest gamechangers in the automobile industry. Cropping up in the early 1900’s, they are some of the longest lasting brands we know today — Ford paved the way for some of the most talented engineers and consistent manufacturing lines, while Chevrolet later overtook Ford with some of the highest selling car models ever designed. Other competitors include Honda, Buick and Acura. When it comes to racing cars or state-of-the-art automobiles, you can’t go wrong with Cobra. They were innovative for the time and are still heavily relied upon for their ingenuity in speed and design.

Cobra Brand

Interested in the history of Cobra Coupes or using a Cobra car kit in the near future? You’re far from alone. Cobras have long been held in high esteem for their quality and incredible efficiency, first created by Carroll Shelby back in the mid 1960’s — they were originally designed to be ‘Corvette-Beaters’, despite weighing nearly 500 pounds less on average than the competition. He built 654 small-block Cobras as well as 350 big-block versions to keep his brand competitive back in 1968. An AC Cobra Coupe famously reached over 185 miles per hour on a British Motorway back in 1964, cementing it as one of the most powerful models ever created.

Cobra Car Kits

If you’re interested in customizing your car, you may want to look into Cobra car kits. The lightweight version we all know and love today originally debuted at the 1990 Geneva Salon, its weight down from 2,360 pounds to 2,620 — this didn’t negatively impact its power, however, keeping it at 370 and 5,750 rpm. The first 75 Cobra Mark 1, including the prototype, were originally fitted with a V8 Ford Windsor engine. These figures are essential for average races, be they short tracks or super speedways. Cobras are still well-known for weighing less while not sacrificing durability or speed. Be it performance driving or a love for history, you can’t go wrong with a Cobra replica.

Can’t Afford the Muscle Car of Your Dreams? Go With a Kit

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Many men and even some women dream of owning a muscle car at some point. But buying an actual muscle car can be expensive. New models of cars such as the Camaro and Dodge Charger can easily run above $30,000 or more while classic cars can cost even more if they are in top shape. An alternative to buying an actual car is to buy a replica car kit, such as a Cobra car kit.

Buying a kit that is an authentic replication of a traditional muscle car can be a good investment. Such a kit usually costs much less than the actual car, but it can still be worth a lot, as many kit cars are very sought after. In many cases, kit cars can be your only option because the original car was made in such limited production runs that it is rare and extremely difficult to find and expensive to buy. For example, there were only 538 1964 models of the Mark II built. In the seven model years from 1962 to 1968, Carroll Shelby built only about 1,000 Cobras total — about 650 with a small-block engines and 350 with a large-block one.

Another group that can benefit from a kit car over the real thing are those who race the cars. Kit cars usually are much lighter than original models, which can be a huge advantage when you are racing. Racing cars and roadster models can weigh well over 1 1/2 tons, but Cobras made from kits weigh much less, as much as 1,000 pounds in some cases. That weight difference can greatly increase the car’s speed and make it more competitive on the racetrack.

If you simply want a muscle car for the way it looks and for driving purposes, using a kit car can be a good choice. Kit cars are usually built to the same standards, so you get the same experience as the real thing without having to pay the same price. Another advantage to having a kit car is that it usually is easier to find parts for it. There are a number of companies that cater to kit car owners with parts while finding parts for a 40- or 50-year-old original can be very difficult.

How to Shop for a Car Kit

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The Shelby Cobra is one of the most distinct and popular racing cars in recent history, but, due to its limited run, is out of reach of many consumers. Original Cobras sell for millions of dollars at auction, and are difficult to find. Fortunately, finding a Shelby Cobra kit car for sale is not as difficult. In fact, Shelby Cobra kits can be purchased for as little as $20,000. Buying a car kit is a little different than buying a fully-assembled car, of course, so here are some tips to make the purchase a little easier.

If you are new to building kit cars, you may want to buy the instruction manuals for kits that you are considering ahead of time. This will allow you to determine which kit is best for your skill level, as well as which ones have the easiest to follow instructions. Once you have determined which type of kit is best for you, you will want to research the company to see how long they have been in business. Check out magazines and online forums to see other builders’ experiences with the company. You don’t want to buy your kit from companies that will go out of business and leave you hanging.

Another thing to consider when shopping for your Cobra car kit is what comes in the kit and what doesn’t. Some kits come with everything you will need except the engine and other mechanics. Others will require you to purchase your own mirrors, lights, and seats. In addition to finding a donor car from which you can take the necessary engine, transmission, and other parts, you will want to shop around for upholstery and paint quotes. If you already have the necessary transmission parts, you may seek the services of a transmission shop to help you install them to your vehicle.

Once you have found the kit of your dreams, whether it is a Shelby Cobra kit or some other vehicle, you will be well on your way to building and driving your own fully-custom vehicle.