Self Storage Units Offer 24 Hour Security and Access

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We are a society of keepers. A society of collectors. A society of treasure hunters. What do you do when you have kept, collected, and hunted more treasure than you can possibly store in your own home? The real purveyors of stuff do not see garage sales or online auctions as options. Instead, they will rent self storage units as the best solution for holding on to what they find valuable.
The storage unit industry in America generates an estimated $22 billion in revenue a year. In fact, e an estimated 2.3 billion square feet of ready to rent storage space is currently available in the U.S. alone. An estimated 172 thousand people in this country work at the estimated 52,500 storage facilities currently available.
While some people use self storage units to safely keep their collection of Aunt Dena’s china and silverware, a growing number of car collector’s see temperature controlled self storage units as havens for their most favorite car collections, you can look here to learn more about storages.
Car storage is a great option for the most serious collectors. Professional auto storage, for example, allows individuals to store their summer vehicles and motorcycles during the winter months to avoid weather related damage. Some car storage units and car storage systems even include hydraulic lifts that allow the most prolific car collectors to store two cars in the same secure car storage unit.
Many of the high quality storage unit facilities even have electronic gates for extra security. These gates and the 24 hour security cameras make sure that all customer belongings, including collector cars, are kept secure at all times. The best units are also clean, secure, and offer access all seven days a week for customer convenience.
Storing automobiles and recreational vehicles obviously frees up space on your lawn and driveway, but it also provides a temperature and humidity controlled environment to avoid rusting, and water damage to valuable automobiles. Some of the best units have warehouse and office space that is all concrete, from the walls to the roof, so precious possessions are safer in hurricane season, and cooler in the summer. Using rolling platform ladders makes working at high heights more comfortable and safer.
So, collectors, keepers, and treasure hunters of the world keep doing what you do best. Keep collecting the dishes, the antiques, the books, and the classic cars that you love so much. America has enough storage space to bail you out when your house and garage are full to the brim.

Reasons to Consider A Storage Unit

There’s only so much space and many people find themselves running out of room. If you’re running out of space in your home, garage, basement, barn, or wherever else, finding a portable storage rental solution may be just the solution you’re looking for. You may be able to find a unit that offers the additional space you need to keep your property safely and properly stored.

Not sure where to find a storage unit? It’s smart to check out self storage aggregators. These services compile all the storage solutions available in a given area or for a particular use. This way, you can quickly find a company that rents say a 15×20 storage unit near me or that offers out of site storage solutions. Ultimately, the more choices you have, the more likely you are to find a great deal and a solution that meets your needs.

The best time to rent storage unit is often as soon as possible. If you wait until the last minute, you may find that you have fewer options. The best deals will often already be taken. By acting sooner, you can frequently lock up better prices and also ensure that you get the fixed or portable storage rental you need.

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Do you live in an area that’s not particularly conducive to storage space, like a small apartment? Or are you looking for a good place to store larger objects like boats or cars? If you have a small backyard, these larger objects can be an eyesore or a nuisance to store. Consider checking out self storage units for rent as an option! They’re a safe, weatherproof, and reliable way to store your expensive items or extra stuff. Depending on the value of the item, self storage units have security measures that will meet your needs. As an alternative, if you have any excess furniture which don’t think you need anymore, you can opt to donate them through Furniture Donation Pick Up.
So Why Consider Renting Self Storage Units?
Keeping Your Recreational Vehicles Safe From the Elements
Not to quote the old “everyone is doing it,” but the number of people renting storage units has jumped in the last few decades. Between the years of 1995 and 2012, storage space rentals have gone up 65%. Using storage units also frees up space in your house and lawn. If you’re an avid boater, snowmobiler, or have multiple seasonal vehicles, there may be limited car or storage space and you have to store them on your property.
Even if you do have the space to store recreational or seasonal vehicles, there are still the elements to consider. Wind, rain, and humidity can do a number on your expensive equipment. Using car storage units keeps your vehicles safe from the weather and free from rust or water damage. Winter car storage can keep your vehicles protected from snow, sleet, or hail as well.
Clearing Up A Little Extra Space
Self storage units can be especially good for people who are in transitory points in their lives, like college students or young people who are moving. For anyone trying to de-clutter or move to a new place, storage units can be a great option to temporarily store things while they figure out what to keep and get rid of. For students who live off-campus and go home for the summer, it’s often easier to leave their belongings in their college town instead of toting everything back home. For bigger items, like mattresses, bureaus, tables, or other large furniture, it can be a hassle to move back and forth over a short period of time, especially if the student lives far away. It’s a relatively cheap and safe option–many storage units will let more than one person rent a larger unit and split the cost.
For those who are between places, storage units are a good landing place for people trying to ferry their stuff between two houses. They can also be used as a more permanent means of storage, if you don’t mind paying a small monthly fee for increases storage.
Storage Unit Tips: What to Look For
First and foremost, make sure the unit is clean and dry. You don’t want mildew or mold getting into your belongings. Security is another big thing to look for–some storage units offer electronic gates for tighter security past the padlock and other systems employed to keep your things safe. Another thing to consider is accessibility. Make sure you have access on the weekends or late at night in case of emergencies. Storage units that offer drive-up access are also a good feature, allowing you to move bulky or heavy items only a short distance from your vehicle.