Three Reasons to Buy a Subaru

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Buying a car is a big decision that requires a good deal of time to research and test drive vehicles to find the perfect one. Finding one that encompasses everything you look for in a car can prolong the process even further. Luckily, Subaru dealerships have a big line up of cars that combine all of the car safety features, modern technology, space and versatility that car shoppers desire. Some of the greatest features that make a Subaru the ideal car for any driver include:

  1. Boxer Engine – The innovative boxer engine that is unique to Subarus provides all the power to get up and go while provider drivers and their passengers with the utmost safety. The boxer engine has a flat design with pistons that move horizontally rather than up and down (as most car engines do). Not only does this cut back on vibrations that can shake the whole car, but it also ensures that the pistons are constantly lubricated, extending the life of the engine. The boxer engine also sits lower in the vehicle than the engines in other cars, so if a driver is to get in an accident, the engine slides underneath the vehicle and not into their lap.
  2. Symmetrical All-wheel Drive – Another advantage that car shoppers can find in cars from any Subaru dealers is the symmetrical all-wheel drive. Powered by the unique boxer engine, all of the wheels on a Subaru receive equal power flow, keeping the vehicle balanced and allowing it to tackle even the most diverse road conditions. Since all of the drive shafts are equal in length, Subarus won’t suffer from torque steer, which can cause a vehicle to pull to one side or the other when accelerating. The symmetrical design of Subaru’s AWD keeps these vehicles almost perfectly balanced, making it easier to maintain control.
  3. Advanced Safety Engineering – Subaru dealers are the only ones that have been able to say that all of their models have won top safety pick ratings for four consecutive years. All Subarus have a wide range of both active and passive safety features that make it the ideal car for driver and passenger safety. Their ring-shaped frame absorbs energy upon impact and keeps passengers from feeling the effects, and the pedals in a Subaru are designed to move out of the way during a frontal collision to protect the driver’s feet and legs.

These are just a few of the factors that make a Subaru one of the best-selling vehicles out there. When it comes to safety and performance, no other cars can beat a Subaru.