Three Reasons Why I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Subarus

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Subaru has always been a popular foreign model in the United States ever since Subaru of America was founded in 1968. For 50 years, Subaru has made cars that are not only affordable and stylish but also impressively safe and easy to drive. There are many reasons why Subaru owners and Subaru lease owners love their cars but here are three to give you an idea:

  1. Subaru has impeccable car safety features. Subarus are well-regarded for their safety features. All Subaru models, for example, come equipped with all-wheel drive, which improves the stability of the car, especially in inclement weather. In addition, every model comes with a built-in Vehicle Dynamics Control system, or VDC. VDC detects steering and breaking controls to help stabilize the driver’s path. Subaru has many other safety features in place to ensure your drive is as secure as possible.
  2. Subaru loves the environment. Subaru not only makes safety a top priority, it also keeps the environment very much in mind. Subaru cars are made from highly renewable parts and materials. Up to 95% of any given Subaru model is perfectly recyclable. In fact, the Subaru manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Indiana was the first car factory to not have a landfill, which is remarkable considering the materials that go into building a car.
  3. Subaru racks up the awards. The Oscars may be over but Subaru has plenty of awards to brag about. Most recently, Subaru was awarded the illustrious 2015 Best Resale Value Brand Award from Kelley Blue Book, a leading authority on automobile information. Among other awards, the 2015 Outback received received high accolades regarding its crash tests from the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Subaru dealerships across the country are doing more than well in their sales and popularity. The reasons are obvious: Subaru makes some of the best economic cars out there and it does so with much thought and care.

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