When to Buy or Align Car Tires

The owner of any car or pickup truck will have plenty of repair and upkeep needs on their hands, and a responsible car or truck owner will keep a log to that effect. That owner may note what sort of repairs were done on the vehicle and when, and this includes work for the rims and tires, too. When someone visits tire shops or tire stores to buy tires for their car, they may log that too, mainly for their own reference. To buy tires is to get a car back into good driving condition, but when you buy tires, there are many options to choose from. A car owner may buy tires designed for off-road driving, or buy tires of a very high quality that last a long time. Yet other tires are designed for driving over snow or ice on the roads. What is there to know about proper tire care, and what about aluminum wheel rims?

What to Know About Car Tires

All cars and trucks have tires, and many shops are dedicated entirely to selling tires of all sorts. After all, there are many millions of Read More

Are Snow Tires Really That Different From Regular Tires?

Retread tires light truck grand rapids

As the rain starts turning to sleet and snow and temperatures trend downwards, you may be wondering if you need snow tires from an All Weather Tire Retailer. If you live in the northern parts of the country which receive significant snowfall, snow tires can make a substantial difference in driving safety in the winter months. Snow tires have a number of advantages over regular tires that give then a surer grip on the road. For trucks and larger vehicles, another option for driving safety is to retread tires to extend their lives and improve their gripping surface.

How are snow tires different?
Snow tires differ from regular tires in a number of ways. Their surface and the materials used to make the tires give them a better grip on the road in snowy conditions. Many people think they can get by with regular all-weather tires, but if you do a lot of driving in snowy conditions, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Gripping edges
    The treads on snow tires are different, with more cuts called sipes. These give the tire treads more edges to grip the road, and also help flush water from the footprint. Likewise a greater number of tread gaps between treads improve the ability to grip snowy surfaces, even when the snow is packed.
  • Special tread compounds
    Regular tires are made from material that tends to become harder in cold weather, losing traction. The materials used to make snow tires are special compounds that remain flexible in low temperatures, allowing them to grip the road.
  • Tread blocks and depth
    Tread blocks have edges that are squared rather than rounded. This improves their grip on the road. Greater tread depth gives the tires the ability to literally dig through the snow.It’s important to keep in mind that if you get snow tires, you will need to get all four. Many people think that they might be able to get by with changing just two tires to snow tires, but that doesn’t work. Snow tires are so different from regular tires that to have two different kinds on one vehicle will unbalance it and make it harder to control in snowy conditions, defeating the whole purpose.

    How much will it cost?
    For people on a budget, used tires may be available and should get you through a few years. But it’s also good to know that many insurance providers will give you 5% off your premium if your car is equipped with snow tires. That should go some way towards offsetting the initial costs of installing the winter tires.
    You may also decide to retread tires, this being a popular choice for larger vehicles and even airplanes. Most tire companies offer a variety of products and services, such as used tires and retread tire services to help you drive safely.
    With winter almost here, it’s time to be thinking of tire safety. Whether you decide to retread tires or switch to snow tires, your local tire company can help.


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