When Was the Last Time You Had to Go Car Shopping?

At times, it is embarrassing to admit just how much experience you have in finding quality used cars for sale, but with two teenage daughters and a husband who does a lot of traveling, you certainly have gone through a lot of vehicles in the last six years. Your oldest daughter has had two accidents where tow different vehicles have been totaled. And while you are glad that no one was ever injured, these accidents often forced you to look at reliable used car sales more frequently than you would have liked. When your husband and younger daughter each had accidents, even the newer car that you had hoped to pass down to one of the girls was no longer an option.
You know that the most fortunate part of the while equation is that none of these accidents have involved injury, but being able to locate an affordable and reliable used car takes a great deal of time and patience.
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Are You Looking for a New or Used Car?

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The cars people drive tell a story. Whether it is a used Chevrolet passed down from one family member to another, or a first new car purchase, cars can often help tell the his In high school you drove a used 1974 gold colored Plymouth Duster with a snake skin top. Purchased by your father, it was the car that took you to and from your part time job at a steakhouse where you were took people’s orders, refilled the salad bar girl, and bussed tables.

In college you drove a silver 1979 Ford Pinto Wagon. You endured the jokes and comments about driving a model of the car that was somewhat infamous for blowing up when involved in a rear end crash.The unintentional version of a 1980s road calming device, the dips around campus were a greater threat to the low riding car’s oil pan than any rear end crash.

When you were first married you were a Nissan couple. Your husband already owned a 1985 silver and black Nissan Sentra Hatchback Coupe XE. Already owning one car with only two doors, the first car that you purchased together was a white 1984 Nissan Sentra Sedan so you had a four door option as well.

After those first monumental and thoughtful purchases, the rest of the cars you owned as a couple become a blur: two Saturns; a Ford Ranger pickup; an Infinity Qx-4; an Isuzu Rodeo; your first Chevy Venture Van; two Nissan Altimas; two Chrysler Town and Country Minivans; two Hyundai Sonata; two Hyundai Elantras; and a Ford F-150 pick up.

Some of the purchases were well researched, some were careless. Some were vehicles you kept long enough to pay off and drive for thousands of miles, others were quick leases that you quickly traded in. In order to maintain the vehicles some require JDM car imports to keep them running. Car imports are tough to come by but with the right tools anything is made easy. Each one, however, tells the story of what was going on in your life at the time. Vans for driving your two daughters and their friends to gymnastics meets and show choir competitions. Pick-ups that were convenient for helping move boxes in and out of college apartments.

After years of following a typical pattern in your car purchases, however, you are now ready to settle in on more logical and trustworthy choices. A few of the cars, vans, and trucks in your parade of past vehicles really stood out. And, as a result, you and your husband find yourself on a new car Chevrolet dealership with two cars in mind: a Chevrolet Traverse crossover for you and a Chevrolet Tahoe for your husband.

What Is the Favorite Car That You Have Ever Owned?

Looking back at the performance, the service, and the resale value, you have decided to quit scouring the new and used car lots for the next new thing, the next great deal. Instead, you have decided that the dealership service and consumer ratings are now going to draw your decisions. The decision for both of you to drive a Chevy means you no longer have to drive from dealership to dealership in search of what you think you are looking for. A call to the local Chevy car dealership has already let you know that what you want is in stock and available. The thought of only having one service department to work with seems comforting and efficient.

And while some buyers are content to make their vehicle purchases online, you are one of the 84% of buyers who want to make your car purchase in person. In fact, you are one of the 43% of consumers who think that see a dealership as a place to learn. A place to help you make the last few choices in the car and options that you are looking for.

Not surprising, many car buyers eventually settle on a car company that they like the best. For some, the fact that General Motors, the owners of Chevrolet and Cadillac, and its dealers delivered 9,924,880 vehicles around the world in 2014 is proof enough that this is the only car maker they buy from.

There are many times in life when the adventure of buying what is new and different is the goal. Some buyers, however, decide that they stick with the makes and models that have most consistently performed for them.