Five Reasons Why You Should Lease Your Next Vehicle

Fiat 500c

Whether you’re in the market for a new car or a used one, the first question you’ll probably have to ask yourself is whether you want to buy or lease.

And while many people think buying a car is the better option, there are some advantages to leasing from a reputable car dealer that every prospective driver should know about.

Here are the five biggest advantages of leasing new and used cars when you get your next vehicle:

1. Reduced monthly payments: When you lease, your monthly car payments can be 30 to 60% lower than they would be if you had bought the same car. If you have a tight budget, leasing is definitely your best option.

2. A lower down payment: Many people like leasing because it’s much easier to finance for a car when the expected down payment is thousands of dollars less than it would be if you bought a vehicle. To buy a $33,000 car, your down payment would be about $6,700 — but to lease it, the down payment would just be $2,000.

3. Easier maintenance: Car dealers usually offer free maintenance for leased cars for about two years. If that wasn’t good enough, the dealership is able to provide maintenance from workers who are trained in fixing your brand of car.

4. A new car every few years: If you like being able to drive a new car — or just love that new car smell — you should look into leasing. When you lease, you don’t have to trade in your car; you can just return it to the dealer when your lease is up. This allows you to have a new car every two to three years!

5. Flexibility: If you buy a car and end up not liking it, learning how to trade in your car for another one can be complicated and time-consuming. However, with a two-year lease, you can switch to a new vehicle as soon as your lease is up — no strings attached, and no hassle of selling a used car involved. Get more info here.