The Best Way to Buy Used Cars

Everyone likes to own a new car. An upgrade to your fleet is also a good thing because it gives you more options when you want to travel. However, most people may not have enough money to buy new cars from showrooms all over the world with international car shipping. That is the reason they go for used vehicles. According to the most recent statistics, most cars in America have three owners before they become unusable. Such figures show you that owning a used car is a popular trend across the nation. The only problem that such people have is that they do not know how to identify the right vehicles. Let us look at the things that you should look for when you want to purchase a used car. car

Buying from an individual or a dealership

When you want to buy used cars, you will have the option of choosing between an individual seller and a good dealership like new jersey used cars. The individual seller can be your neighbor, friend, colleague or family member. One of the reasons they sell is that they need money for urgent needs. They may also sell because Read More

A Guide To Buying Used Cars

Used cars are becoming an increasingly popular choice for car buyers. Their affordability and availability make them a preferable option, especially for people shopping on a budget. While there is a wide selection of affordable pre owned cars available for sale, choosing which to buy may be tricky, especially for first-time car buyers. There are auto dealerships that go as far as offering the convenience of financing options for their customers, but not every buyer wants to patronize a dealership. Some people prefer to look for affordable cars for sale by owner and transact directly with the car owner.

Whether buying through a dealership or directly from an individual who has put up a used car for sale, buyers must carry out due diligence to ensure they are getting the best value for their money. In either case, a thorough inspection is imperative. Buyers could pay for a professional examination, or consider a used auto for sale that is certified pre-owned.

To ensure a budget is adhered to, buyers are encouraged to research what car options they can afford. Look out for and patronize dealerships that give accurate car prices.

Now in 2018, there are more people buying used cars than ever before in the United States. This trend is rising due to a number of reasons but there are two that specifically stand out. First and foremost, there are more drivers than ever before and secondly, there are more used cars than ever before as well!

In just a year of 2014 alone, the number of people with a driver’s license in the United States managed to grow from nearly 167 million to just about 215 million. So even just the starting point in this equation is very large and the fact that it then grows by a lot is astounding. Understand that every single year there are almost 40 million used cars that will be sold or will exchange hands.

Virtually all automotive dealerships offer the convenience of one-stop shopping through on-site financing offerings that assist consumers in securing financing. Most dealerships work with at least 5 to 10 different banks or finance companies so that they can offer competitive deals to their customers. However, it is important to know what is best for you and not what the dealership wants for you to do.

According to 2015 Used Vehicle Market Report, released Wednesday, said there were 38.3 million used-vehicle sales industrywide, the best annual tally in eight years. With all of these options available for used cars, it is hard to parse out what is good and what is bad. So here are some of the easy trips to adhere to when buying a used vehicle!

Give Used Cars A Thorough Inspection

Before you even begin to look at vehicles you should take your time and find a reliable dealership or auto brokerage service such as the CarGuyNY. This is as easy as taking to google and then narrowing down your list to just a few dealerships. There should be more than enough information available on the internet in regards to credibility and reliability. For legal purposes like registration or changing title on a vehicle, the state needs to verify that the VIN on the car is correct. You generally cannot do this by yourself, but you may still have some options, see more about QUICK VIN VERIFICATION to know the steps you can take to get it verified.

Once you find a suitable dealership, it is imperative that you give the used cars there a detail-oriented inspection to ensure they are of the highest quality. Things like odometer fraud can come back to haunt drivers. Plus, an estimated 20% of all used car buyers will not even take the opportunity to test drive a car before buying it which is a mistake. So take advantage or whatever the dealership offers and then take your own form of inspection into the process as well.

It is estimated that the average rollback on odometer fraud is 15,000 miles, which can translate to $4 billion a year in consumer losses. Consumers lose as much as $4 billion a year due to odometer fraud, with the average rollback being 15,000 miles. So while you may not have heard of odometer fraud before, make no mistake this is a serious problem consumer must deal with when buying used cars

If you are planning to buy a vehicle that is less than 5 years old, consider one that’s certified pre-owned. This will help you get some sort of guarantee when buying used cars which are not often within reach. So you have some sort of relaxation during your used cars for sale search at a used car dealership.

Do Not Get Tricked Into Overpaying

If you are buying used cars for the first time at used car dealerships, it is important to be wary of the car salesman or car saleswoman. They want to get you to buy things so that they can make a profit but it may not be beneficial for your situation. So be sure to know what type of price range you are looking at beforehand, so that way you can be firm when you visit.

In general, the most frequently searched price range for a used vehicle is under $5,000. Use this type of information for reference so that you can easily identify what is reasonable and what is not. That way, you can avoid spending extra money while buying a vehicle.

In Conclusion

The average vehicle will likely have three owners in its lifetime. With this in mind, you can help shape just what kind of vehicle you want.


Four Ways to Keep Children Entertained on a Road Trip

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One of the greatest times a family will experience is a vacation. However, many families find that a road trip can turn into a stressful experience. We’ve all been children before that found long rides to be boring. Thankfully, technology has made it much easier for parents to experience a road trip without bored children. Finding the right Ford dealer that can provide a road trip ready vehicle is important. In this post, you will learn four ways to keep children entertained during a road trip.

If you are looking for a motor home that meets all your needs, then Born Free Motorhome could be the right solution for you. Born Free Motorhomes is motorhomes, which are built on a donated fifth wheel trailer or a non-owned utility trailer. They are designed with the mobility challenged in mind. They offer a comfortable and safe way to travel. Born Free offers a variety of motorhome options for those looking to find a quality motorhome that meets their needs at an affordable price.

    1. Vehicles with Interior Entertainment Systems

      Technology has helped automobiles include many amenities. Drivers with children will love the inclusion of an entertainment system for your vehicle. Many new automobile buyers are looking for this technology for their families. An interior vehicle entertainment system makes use of internal monitors to display video. You may choose to have audio played through headphones for passengers. Other drivers may play the sound through the speakers of an automobile.


    1. Activity Books

      It’s wise to bring activity books along for any road trip. The activity books you should choose will depend on the age and personality of your children. Younger children may prefer a simple coloring book while older children will want more of a challenge. Word search and crossword puzzles for kids work to keep them busy after coloring. Your child may have books of their own to bring along for a nice road trip read.


    1. The Quiet Game

      The quiet game is one that parents have used for those stressful legs of any road trip. If you’ve never tried it, the quiet game is a simple one. The only rule of this game is that talking means you’re out of the game. Road trips are a fun part of any vacation but they’re not exempt from stressful moments.


  1. Have Plenty of Music Options

    You may not love the style of music your children listen to. However, it’s a great idea to bring along their music to get them through long stretches of road trip boredom. It can be tough to find radio stations that are familiar once you’re out of state. Many families subscribe to a satellite radio service to not have to worry about learning new stations the whole way.

You might be wondering where to find a road trip ready vehicle. Many families find a Ford dealer featuring non commissioned car sales people. One of the major benefits of non commissioned car sales is customers don’t feel pressured to make a purchase. Your family deserves finding a Ford dealer that can help find the vehicle you need. A dealership with employees working on commission might be more inclined to include features that aren’t necessary. Families on a tighter budget can easily find used Fords with features including entertainment systems.

In closing, there are several ways to keep children entertained during road trips. Vehicle entertainment systems work well to keep children entertained. A road trip can become a breeze when children are able to watch their favorite programs along the way. Activity books are great for keeping younger children entertained during a road trip. You’ll want to make sure you don’t give children markers which can damage the interior. The quiet game has been a longtime favorite of parents who need a few minutes of silence. Including music that your children enjoy will work well to help get them through the last leg of a trip. Following the previously seen methods will help ensure your next road trip is a total success.

Used Vehicle Dealership Versus Private Seller?

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There are many places to purchase a used vehicle. You can go to your local dealership and request to see the inventory of used vehicles. You can also go to a used car lot for a greater variety of manufacturers. Additionally, you can purchase a used vehicle through a private sale. Although each of these car buying options have their own pros and cons, you are likely to see the most benefits when purchasing used cars from a certified auto dealer.

Clear business hours

Certified auto dealers run as real businesses. They also have clear business hours, which often mimic that of traditional work schedules. When you purchase from a private seller, you rely on finding a time that both parties are free, just to see the vehicle. An auto dealer that specializes in selling used cars for sale is available minimally six days a week, for your convenience. You can schedule an appointment on a lunch break, or you could even choose to walk into the car dealer when you have a free couple of minutes.

Better records of used cars for sale

Purchasing an used vehicle from a private seller can be a risk but I was able to¬†sell my junk car in garden city id once and I know that I got sold immediately so I’m pretty sure there’s people out there that still buy from private sellers. You rely on their word to better understand the history of the vehicle. It is possible that they have maintenance and repair records, but this is not always the case. Certified auto dealers, on the other hand, usually have very detailed records of the used cars they are selling. In many cases, you can even receive a free Carfax, which is a document with detailed history of the vehicle. The average vehicle will have three owners in its lifetimes. Without a Carfax report, you can miss a lot of important information about the used vehicle.

Used car lots can offer certifications

Private sellers are unable to offer certified sales. Even if you experience car troubles the minute you drive off from the sale, they are now your responsibility. You have absolutely no protection and any incurred costs will come out of your own pocket. When you purchase used cars from the auto dealer, there is usually a period of warranty. Some vehicles even carry extended certifications. This simply means that they will cover any major vehicle problems for a number of years, or until the vehicle reaches a specified mileage amount. If you experience any major problems with the vehicle, you could potentially save thousands in repair costs.

Greater inventory available

If you are unsure of the type of used vehicle you want to purchase, you will find more shopping options at a local used auto dealer. Private sellers only have the one used vehicle. If you find that you do not like how it drives or looks, you have to move onto the next seller. This process can be lengthy and it can be months until you have a new used vehicle. Certified used auto dealers have many options. You can usually find both used Fords and used Toyotas on one used car lot. If you are unable to find anything that you like on the lot, you can simply walk into another used vehicle dealer lot.

One of the greatest advantages of a larger inventory is that you can also shop by features. Perhaps you walk into the used lot with the intention of purchasing a truck, but you come across the Toyota Prius, which was introduced nearly 20 years ago and remains the worlds best selling, mass market, hybrid vehicle which makes it easy if you ever need a prius engine repair. Maybe instead you choose the Prius Eco, which gets up to 58 mpg in the city and 53 mpg on the highway. Without a large inventory of available used vehicles, you would never have the opportunity to view these additional vehicles.

If you are in the market for a used vehicle, you have many buying options. However, you will find the widest variety of inventory, better protection of your investment, and the ability to shop by brand, when you purchase from a certified used vehicle lot. Used vehicles can be expensive, so it is important to evaluate your options and consider the benefits of going with a certified used auto dealership.

How to Buy a Used Car

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If you are looking to buy a used car, you can find some good deals with private party sellers all right used car dealerships. Most big name dealerships like Chevy dealers or Honda will also offer a section of used cars. Because there are still so many choices, finding the right car can be difficult. Making sure you have the right vehicle to fit your needs is very important because it can be a little difficult to return a car, after you have bought it. Here are some tips to help you feel less overwhelmed before heading down to the Chevy dealership or somewhere similar.

    1. Set a budget
      Before you decide on the car, you need to know how much you can afford. Generally speaking you shouldn’t take a loan for a car payment that is more than 20% of your net income. Keep in mind that used cars will need attention sooner than a new car so you may actually want to spend less than that.


    1. Make a list
      Well there are some brands that are better known for used cars, you may find that they are out of your price range. Do some research and make sure you know which brand you want to buy. Try making a list of the three cars that best meet your needs and her within your budget. You can look up reviews for these cars as well in order to help you decide.


    1. Check the prices
      Prices can vary by where you shop. For example at a Chevy dealership you may find that the cars are cheaper then at a Toyota dealership for various reasons. You can find out what an average cost of car is by researching on the Internet at reputable sites.


    1. Start in your area
      The best thing to do is to start looking at locations that are close to you. Prices, features and mileage can change by the time you get home if the dealer is too far from you. You may also feel pressured to buy that day if you have traveled the number of hours to get to the dealership. You never want to impulse buy on a car.


    1. Check the history
      Every car should have a vehicle history report. This is an important step to make it early on because the sooner you know mistakes that have been made with the car, the better. You don’t want to buy the car only to find out later that the odometer has been rolled back or that it actually has a salvage title. You can use the cars VIN number in order to get this information or sometimes you can use the license plate without ever even having to ask the original owner.


    1. Be in touch with the seller
      If you see a car that you might like to buy, avoid rushing out to see it. Try and contact the seller first in order to establish a relationship and verify any information. This is a good time to ask any questions that you need to know the answers to. Often times by speaking with the seller, you will be able to find out things about the car that were not included in the ad, you may even find this e30 for sale at ZeMotor the best car for you.


  1. Always test drive
    This is the best way to know if you were in the car are really going to get along. It’s also a good time to assess the condition of the car. Pay attention to the car and focus on the things that you want. If you don’t know a lot about cars then bring someone along that can listen and even drive it to tell you if it’s in good condition. This way you can focus on the comfort level of the car. This is a good time to check as well if the check engine light is on or if the brakes are starting to squeak. Most reputable places like a Chevy dealership or condos used cars will allow you to test drive a vehicle and bring someone along.

Finding out the return policy is always a good idea as well, in case you find something you didn’t notice before. If you complete all the steps and are happy with the car now you can begin to negotiate price, which is a whole different article.

Are You Looking for a New or Used Car?

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The cars people drive tell a story. Whether it is a used Chevrolet passed down from one family member to another, or a first new car purchase, cars can often help tell the his In high school you drove a used 1974 gold colored Plymouth Duster with a snake skin top. Purchased by your father, it was the car that took you to and from your part time job at a steakhouse where you were took people’s orders, refilled the salad bar girl, and bussed tables.

In college you drove a silver 1979 Ford Pinto Wagon. You endured the jokes and comments about driving a model of the car that was somewhat infamous for blowing up when involved in a rear end crash.The unintentional version of a 1980s road calming device, the dips around campus were a greater threat to the low riding car’s oil pan than any rear end crash.

When you were first married you were a Nissan couple. Your husband already owned a 1985 silver and black Nissan Sentra Hatchback Coupe XE. Already owning one car with only two doors, the first car that you purchased together was a white 1984 Nissan Sentra Sedan so you had a four door option as well.

After those first monumental and thoughtful purchases, the rest of the cars you owned as a couple become a blur: two Saturns; a Ford Ranger pickup; an Infinity Qx-4; an Isuzu Rodeo; your first Chevy Venture Van; two Nissan Altimas; two Chrysler Town and Country Minivans; two Hyundai Sonata; two Hyundai Elantras; and a Ford F-150 pick up.

Some of the purchases were well researched, some were careless. Some were vehicles you kept long enough to pay off and drive for thousands of miles, others were quick leases that you quickly traded in. In order to maintain the vehicles some require JDM car imports to keep them running. Car imports are tough to come by but with the right tools anything is made easy. Each one, however, tells the story of what was going on in your life at the time. Vans for driving your two daughters and their friends to gymnastics meets and show choir competitions. Pick-ups that were convenient for helping move boxes in and out of college apartments.

After years of following a typical pattern in your car purchases, however, you are now ready to settle in on more logical and trustworthy choices. A few of the cars, vans, and trucks in your parade of past vehicles really stood out. And, as a result, you and your husband find yourself on a new car Chevrolet dealership with two cars in mind: a Chevrolet Traverse crossover for you and a Chevrolet Tahoe for your husband.

What Is the Favorite Car That You Have Ever Owned?

Looking back at the performance, the service, and the resale value, you have decided to quit scouring the new and used car lots for the next new thing, the next great deal. Instead, you have decided that the dealership service and consumer ratings are now going to draw your decisions. The decision for both of you to drive a Chevy means you no longer have to drive from dealership to dealership in search of what you think you are looking for. A call to the local Chevy car dealership has already let you know that what you want is in stock and available. The thought of only having one service department to work with seems comforting and efficient.

And while some buyers are content to make their vehicle purchases online, you are one of the 84% of buyers who want to make your car purchase in person. In fact, you are one of the 43% of consumers who think that see a dealership as a place to learn. A place to help you make the last few choices in the car and options that you are looking for.

Not surprising, many car buyers eventually settle on a car company that they like the best. For some, the fact that General Motors, the owners of Chevrolet and Cadillac, and its dealers delivered 9,924,880 vehicles around the world in 2014 is proof enough that this is the only car maker they buy from.

There are many times in life when the adventure of buying what is new and different is the goal. Some buyers, however, decide that they stick with the makes and models that have most consistently performed for them.

Out With the New and In With the Used

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Back by popular demand, used car sales are slated to be sizzling hot this summer — and all year round — as more and more consumers are choosing pre owned vehicles for their new set of wheels.

Once considered riskier than risky business, purchasing used cars is now considered a wise investment. Compared to past generations of used cars, today’s cars are easily among some of the most reliable and safest used cars available on the market. In fact, many of today’s models can easily reach 100,000 without any major repairs or overhauls, such as an engine or transmission replacement. Some manufacturer’s known for their reliability produce models that can reach 200,000 without major repair, making the chance of purchasing a “lemon” slim to nil.

Aside from their reliability, affordable used car values are yet another important reason why used car sales have steadily increased in recent years. Did you know that used car values can be up to 30 to 40% less than that of a brand new car? Furthermore, the low cost of ownership of many of today’s models makes them even more affordable over time. After all, there is great value in auto service, and being able to maintain a car for less is important to many car owners.

Last but not least, today’s used cars are more fuel efficient than ever, especially hybrid models which can easily get up to double the gas mileage as a traditional vehicle. Fuel efficiency is important to many Americans, whether they are eco-conscious or simply want to save a few extra dollars. Gone are the days of over sized, gas guzzling SUV’s dominating the road. Instead, Americans are opting for smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles that still pack a powerful punch.

So why buy a used car? Well, for many car shoppers, buy used not only makes sense, but can save them cents!