Why The C7 Corvette Is Still One Of The Most Beloved Classic Cars In The US

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How much do you know about cars? Have you found yourself developing a growing interest in Corvettes and muscle cars? Wherever you stand, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. With car culture in America changing on a dime due to changing social norms and burgeoning awareness on green travel, a little knowledge definitely doesn’t hurt. For those that are interested in purchasing a classic vehicle with a lengthy history, even more so! Read below to learn more about the C7 Corvette, the appeal of classic Chevrolet Corvette vehicles in general and how to go about owning one yourself.

What’s The Most Popular Form Of Travel?

Let’s start off with something everyone can relate to — affordable, effective travel options. While cars are still widely in use, this is something that can actually vary widely depending on the city and country. Transit systems are much more popular in certain areas due to population density, making it cheaper and easier to get back and forth through travel options provided by the city. Biking is both recreational and travel-savvy for those that want a little exercise as they go from point A to point B. Last, but not least, we have electric car models that get better and better every year.

What’s One Of The Most Popular Car Models?

Even now, one of the most beloved car models of all time is the Corvette. Stylish and efficient, it won the hearts of millions of Americans decades ago when it first premiered. Spanning seven generations, the Chevrolet Corvette has cemented itself as a pop culture icon in film, magazine spreads and fashion. The very first Corvette Model was a convertible, designed for a car show back in the 1950’s. The year 2016 alone saw over 40,000 Corvettes made!

How Have Corvettes Changed Over The Years?

While many want to go about buying a vintage Corvette, the model itself has actually changed a lot over the years. Corvette restoration, with a visit from panel beaters, is a rather popular niche and attracts many specialists who are in love with the image, the speed or both. The very first Corvette back in 1953 cost around $3,500. V8 engines would become available for Corvettes a few years after its release and, within the same timespan, 90% of Corvette owners gravitated toward the option. It would soon become the standard in which all models, be they the C7 Corvette or C6 Corvette, would be held.

Should I Consider A Classic Corvette?

A C7 Corvette is one of the most stylish vehicles you can own. The Chevrolet Corvette was named number one ‘Automobile Of The Year’ back in 2014, standing out in that it’s the first to bear the Corvette Stingray name since the 1968 model. This vehicle can exceed 200 miles per hour and comes in beautifully subdued, classic designs. Your first step toward owning one of these brilliant beauties is to seek out a Corvette dealer. They can better help you sort through used Classic Corvettes and teach you the knowledge needed to preserve them for years to come. They may also provide recommendations on which c8 corvette carbon fiber parts can further improve the appearance and performance of your Corvette.