Carts aren’t just for golfers these days

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If you’ve ever been golfing, you’ve likely seen a good portion of the golfers tooling around the course in golf carts. But these days, people use golf carts for many other things other than golf. There are many situations in which you might find yourself using a golf cart outside the golf course.

One of the places you are most likely to see golf carts off the course are in senior-living communities, whether they are golf-oriented or not. These communities not only allow golf carts on their streets and trails, but the often encourage it. In one example, the Villages, a retirement community in Florida, offers about 100 miles of trails specifically for golf carts. Most cities have their own laws regarding carts, but many allow golf carts on residential streets and others where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less.

Another place where golf carts are popular are in large workplaces. Factories, especially, may use golf carts on the factory floor or to get between buildings in a large complex. Movie and TV studios also use golf carts to shuttle people around between the different sets, which are spread out over a several-block area. You also will see golf carts used to shuttle people at airports and theme parks.

People who own large estates may use golf carts to get around or they may provide golf carts to staff members to get around. This can save time while also not providing the same danger that cars constantly driving around the property would present.

Golf carts offer a lot of advantages over cars when it comes to getting around in contained areas. For one thing, they are a lot easier to use inside. Another is that, assuming you have an electric cart, which usually goes two to three days on one battery charge, you are not polluting as much. They have lower top speeds, usually about 15 miles an hour, which makes them safer to use than cars.

If you want to get a golf cart, there are plenty of golf cart dealers in Florida and elsewhere. Though you can buy a golf cart that is new from a golf cart dealer, you also can buy used golf carts that are much cheaper. A pre-owned golf cart can make a lot of sense because it is much cheaper than a new golf cart. Your local golf cart dealer likely carries a wide array of pre-owned golf carts, making it easy for you to find one for your needs.