Is Your RV Safe in Winter? Securing Your Recreational Vehicles at Pro Storage Facilities

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Many homeowners who own vehicles and RVs choose to store them at a professional vehicle storage facility in order to avoid weather damage and rust buildup. Home garages can get crowded, and storing vehicles offsite can provide a sense of security, allow for easy access to the vehicle, and can save the look of a home’s landscaping features, year-round.

What vehicle owners are looking for are facilities that are clean and safe. They should be able to access their motorcycle, car, RV, or boat at any time of day. Many RV storage centers allow personalized access codes to be used, even after normal business hours. For larger vehicles like RVs and boats, a private storage facility provides weatherproof security, especially when recreational vehicles are only used at certain times of year.

Some homeowners do like to store their vehicles at home, but professional storage facilities often allow winter car storage during unfavorable weather. In the event of a summertime hurricane or severe winter storm, homeowners can contract for shorter vehicle storage times. When traveling with a car hitched to an RV in an unfamiliar town, many homeowners opt for temporary RV storage and just use the car to get around their vacation town for a few weeks.

And there is no shortage of secure car storage space: over 2 billion square feet of rentable space is in the United States alone, and people are making use of the opportunity to store vehicles safely. About 10% of Americans use storage units, and the number of customers who want to store vehicles is growing rapidly. There are over 50,000 individual storage facilities all across America, and the entire industry is worth over $20 billion yearly.

Experts suggest that long term car storage clients take the time to walk through storage facilities before they sign the paperwork: units should be clean, dry, secure, and reasonably priced. Cameras should be monitored at all times, and temperature and humidity levels should be constant, or adjustable for different times of year.