Chevrolet Remains an American Classic

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Chevrolets are more than just a classic brand of automobile — they’re an American tradition. One of the most enduring General Motors brands, Chevy continues to roll out cars and trucks that jibe well with American car buyers. Finding a local new Chevy dealer should be simple.
Some fun Chevy facts:

  • Chevrolets are in use two-thirds of the world over
  • If you linked all of the Chevrolets sold in 2010 bumper-to-bumper, just over half of the world’s circumference would be covered
  • The famed Chevy bowtie logo was first used in 1913
  • Chevrolets are permanently ingrained in pop culture and have been mentioned in over 1,000 pop songs
  • Mariah Carey, Kid Rock and Jay Z are some of the more current performers to name-check Chevy in song
  • Chevrolet may most closely be associated with North America, but the brand definitely has global presence. As of 2010, the company was operating in more than 140 countries and, in the following year, set a global sales record, moving nearly five million vehicles across the world over.
    A new Chevy dealer can offer a better warranty than most used Chevy dealers, which is definitely something to consider when contemplating whether or not to buy new or used. The standard new Chevy dealer will offer bumper to bumper coverage that includes the tires for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. Powertrain coverage is for the first five years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, though specific components of the Powertrain are covered even further (five years or 100,000 miles) — ask your local Chevy car dealerships for more specific details about that. Sheet metal coverage breaks down into two categories: corrosion coverage extends for three years or 36,000 miles, while rust-through coverage is for the first six years or 100,000 miles. The standard Chevy warranty goes on to offer much more additional coverage, which the dealer can explain to you in greater detail.
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