Choosing the Best Paint for your Car

Repainting your vehicle is a great way to save yourself money at the auto shop while also making it feel like you have a brand-new ride. As you consider your car touch up paint kit, though, be sure to choose colors wisely. Various car shades and finishes require different levels of care and will be easier to sell later on. Here are three things to consider how you’ll touch up your car.

Consider Resale Value

According to Consumer Reports, cars in neutral colors (white, gray, silver, and black) have the highest resale value. The most popular paint touch up kit is in white, followed by gray and silver, so you’ll want to consider what will be the most popular to potential buyers. Incidentally, experts often recommend not painting your car trendy colors unless they’re strongly associated with the identity of the vehicle. It may not make sense to get Hyundai touch up paint in pink, but pink Cadillac touch up paint could be a wise choice.

Know the Difference Between Silver and Gray

Gray and silver are both considered popular, neutral colors, but be sure you can tell the difference between them when you invest in a car touch up paint kit. You can ask to see swatches or samples of the different paints to be sure you choose the right one. Silver tends to be lighter (think Titanium) while gray is often dark, resembling charcoal or, in some lights, black. This can also be confusing because most silver cars have a gray undercoat. You can learn more about single stage paint kits at

Take Maintenance into Account

Matte finishes may be popular, but they require extra care to make sure they look their best. Because their surfaces are somewhat dimpled (causing the matte effect) they are more likely to collect pollen, sand, dirt, and rainwater. Despite being more likely to attract grime, they shouldn’t be run through a commercial car wash or even washed on your own in a circular motion.

Likewise, dark paint colors tend to be difficult to maintain because they show imperfections in the paint job. Dark colors also make external debris such as mud and dust more apparent, so you’ll need to clean your vehicle more often. Colors can also become muddled if you try to put a light-colored coat over a dark paint job, so think carefully before you go with all-over black or dark blue.

Ultimately, your vehicle is your own, and investing in a car touch up paint kit can allow you to experiment with different shades and finishes. Some vehicle touch up paint can go a long way toward giving your car a signature look that will be the envy of all the others on the road.

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