Common Diesel Engine Repairs You May Encounter

Diesel engines, like gasoline engines, have typical mechanical problems. Here are several factors that can impair the operation of a diesel engine and may require diesel engine repairs. If air is allowed into the oil system, the motor oil might oxidize, a common issue with diesel engines that can be fixed by a diesel repair technician.

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A diesel engine takes in the air when starting and driving the vehicle. In an oil system spill, air can enter the motor oil, causing oxidation, performance issues, or damage, hence costly diesel engine repair costs. Visit for more motor oil maintenance tips. Find a mechanic that specializes in small engines repair services if you are unsure how to repair your car’s engine.

Cold weather is bad for diesel engines. The engines have glow plugs to keep them operating when it’s cold outdoors. These plugs resemble spark plugs and are little heaters in the pre-chamber that help the diesel engine start in cold weather. These plugs degrade in the same way that spark plugs do. If you are looking to replace your old engine, then you may consider using a Cummins 6.7 performance engine for your pickup truck.

Diesel engines do produce a lot of noise. If the engine generates unusually loud noises, this could indicate a fuel system issue. The fuel injectors, in particular, may require cleaning or may be clogged.

Problems with the fuel injection system or low engine compaction are the most common causes of hard engine starts. A diesel engine can use significantly less fuel to generate power. As a result, if the fuel or air compression systems fail, the vehicle will be much more difficult to start.

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