Counting Cars Danny Unveils A YMCA Charity Pickup Truck

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This video contains a ride and dunk sequence in which Danny Koker participates with fans in an energetic team challenge. In this month’s episode of “Counting Cars,” viewers will see what some pit crews would consider nothing short of unimaginable feats. This time, they go beyond the playing field, to the Olympic-style boxing ring. In this, May’s episode, pit crew manager Danny Koker makes a surprise announcement that the MVP Team “Counting Cars” will be donating 10% of the proceeds from sales of the truck the team will be racing in the Pompano Beach Pirate King’s Race to a charity of Koker’s choice. The organization to which Koker and crew will be donating will be the Free The Runway Project, which attempts to address the problem of under-dressed, unattended, under-supported women looking for employment opportunities. He explains in the video above why he decided to partner with the organization.

When Danny Koker travels, he rides and he drives. From driving motorcycles and scooters to fast- streets cruising to Autobahn cruising to big-city shenanigans, Jerry keeps his car collection ticking. Fortunately, Mr. Koker does everything on a budget and with a methodical, hands-on approach, staying true to his current and long-standing methods of economy and economy. It is this obsessive passion for transportation that has inspired, conditioned and motivated Jerry to become one of the most successful car restorers in Las Vegas. On the premiere episode of the ninth season of History Channel’s iconic series Counting Cars, Danny Koker takes viewers on a whirlwind visit to his well-known shop in Las Vegas, where he restores, restores and displays classic and rare, repairable cars for sale. Growing up without a father in Southern California, Danny’s life journey consisted of immersing himself in new hobbies to keep him busy. When he lost his dad to addiction, Danny got hooked on automobiles and dreamed of owning a workshop like his dad. When at first he couldn’t afford the business of repairs, he earned much-needed money by stripping vintage cars and selling them to friends and family. Over the years, Danny has amassed an immense collection of cars and bikes that give him great satisfaction and interest in automobiles, classic cars, and even vintage gas globes. Standing on the History Studios lot in Los Angeles, Danny talks about his love for cars and his wide-ranging investments, from motorcycles and Bentleys to muscle cars and sports cars.┬áBut in his Southern California neighborhood, Jerry Koker isn’t one to complain – he’s in charge. Since he was a boy, Danny has lived a dream and his dream of owning an automotive workshop was granted at an early age. Jerry knows how to keep his shop running all of the time, and he does this with the help of his talented employees.

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