Electric Cars Continue to Grow in Popularity

When you imagined your daughter graduating from nursing school, you did not expect that she would be able to do it debt free. Her first degree, which was a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, was completely paid for with an academic scholarship, but when she decided to go to school for one more year, no scholarship was available. In fact, the accelerated nursing program which would get her a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 12 months, was actually three very expensive semesters. This meant, of course, that for the first time in her college career she would need to take out a long. With a plan to have to pay $400 a month for 10 years, she knew that she had less debt that most of her friends, but she was still stressed.
Fast forward to today, however, and she has signed with a small hospital in a small rural area that is agreeing to make her student loan payments for her, at a rate that will actually pay off the whole amount in five years.
Electric Vehicle Charging Companies Offer a Number of Different Payment Plans
With the money that she does not need to be paying toward student loans she has decided to get a new car. Her old car, one with 100 thousand miles on it that your husband used to drive, is working for now, but she decided to trade it in while it still had some value. Fortunately, even thought the town where she is working is small, it actually has some new apartments with vehicle charging stations. It seems, in fact, that even though it is a small rural community it is actually quite progressive. Embracing both clean energy and eliminating college debt: two decisions that will both benefit your daughter.
As more and more communities look at affordable ways to provide EV charging solutions to attract more visitors to their area, it should come as no surprise that this is a welcome result for many people. In fact, the latest EV charging solutions provide a way to not only attract visitors to town, they also continue to present a great way to encourage community drivers to switch to a more green fuel solution.
To get an idea of how you can benefit from the switch to cars that require EV charging solutions you simply have to make a comparison to the cost of electric versus gas. For instance, averages indicate that fueling a car with electricity is roughly the same as gas at $1 gallon of fueling with gasoline. And given that today’s gas prices are double, and sometimes triple, the $1 a gallon price, it is no wonder that this is an increasingly popular option.
Consider some of these other facts and figures about the latest EV charging solutions and the options that they provide:

  • Growing almost 40% year-over-year to 90,302 vehicles, the U.S. EV market posted a solid first half of 2017.
  • At least one parking space of every 25 EV charging and parking spaces at a single location must be an extra-wide, ADA-compliant parking space.
  • Only 80% of households in the U.S. that live in owner occupied housing have access to a garage of carport, a tumbling block to having access to EV charging options.
  • Currently, the U.S. Department of Energy offers a federal incentive program that gives as much as $7,500 in federal tax credits for buying an electric vehicle.
  • Predictions from a 2017 Bloomberg report indicate that electric vehicles will make up 54% of new car sales worldwide by the year 2040.
  • With 800,000 Americans have made the switch to driving electric cars, plug-in electric vehicles are now viable for most lifestyles and budgets. This is in part due to the fact of more competition as more than two dozen models are now commercially available. If you decide to convert your diesel engine car into an electric-powered vehicle, you may need to order a few electric vehicle conversion parts online.

Whether you are a recent college nursing program graduate looking for a way to save money while you are at your first job or you are empty nest parents looking for a change of lifestyle, it is likely that there is an electric car purchase option that will fit your budget.

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