Five Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver

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It is not an exaggeration to say that truck driving jobs drive our economy as much as they transport goods from one point to another. Every single item bought and sold in the United State was moved by a truck as some point before ending up in the hands of the consumer. If not for the men and women who fill the necessary truck driver jobs, our entire commerce infrastructure would crumble.

Because of the critical role that trucking companies play in the American economy (and that of the rest of the world, in reality), there are innumerable benefits of becoming a truck driver. Some of the benefits of becoming a truck driver are: job security, great income and benefits, adventure, and flexibility. Additionally, for such a stable career, there are relatively low requirements for entering the field. If you are interested in beginning a new career and the many benefits of becoming a truck driver has piqued your interest look for a driver recruiter and check out our list that expounds on the subject below!

Five Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver

    1. Great PayAccording to CNN Money, the median salary of a truck driver is $40 thousand a year. However, if you work for a private company, such as Amazon or Wal Mart, you can expect a paycheck that exceeds $70 thousand a year. In fact, due to the high demand for truck drivers, many truck brokerage services offer additional bonuses and incentives that make truck driving a better paying career than many advanced-degree careers. On top of that, while many other careers are stagnant in income growth, truck drivers are typically able to pick up pay raises and enjoy salary growth as their experience grows.
    1. Interesting Work
      If you are one of those people who cringes at the thought of being stuck behind a desk, dying of monotony, a career in truck driving might be perfect for you. As a truck driver, you actually get paid to have the road trip of a lifetime! There are few other career possibilities that allow you to see the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate bridge, and all of the other wonders of the great continental United States, during the course of a day’s work.
    2. You can be the guy that when they ask  “I really need a tow truck near me right now” Orange Tow Truck Company , because whenever a technical issue comes up that prevents our vehicle from being safely driven. Their staff have been trained for years in all aspects of vehicle recovery services and always help their clients with a smile.In fact — unlike any other line of work you could possibly get into — as a truck driver, you are often allowed to bring your partner on the road with you, so you really are enjoying an all-expense-paid vacation while earning a paycheck. It is not uncommon for truck drivers to bring a furry companion on the road with them.
    1. Flexibility
      Having a career in truck driving allows you to choose how much you work and where you go. As a truck driver, you can choose to stay local with hauls around town, or do interstate and cross-regional work. You can line your workload up to work a couple weeks and then take entire weeks at a time off, or often work less than that, if you choose to.
    1. Job Security
      According to the US Census Bureau, the job outlook for truck drivers is very favorable. In fact, in order to keep up with demand, truck driving companies will need to increase their staff by 11% each year. What this means to you, as a perspective truck driver, is that since trucking companies are eager to hire more employees, getting into the industry is not difficult. Once you’re on board as a trucker, you have an extremely low risk of losing your job due to layoffs and there are always more opportunities at your finger tips.
  1. Attainable QualificationsIt is a well-known fact that people with higher education make more money than workers with only a high school education. However, once you have responsibilities, it can feel impossible to get the advanced training you need to qualify for higher-paying careers. One great advantage of becoming a truck driver is going through school to get your Commercial Driver’s License doesn’t take much time and many schools work around your schedule, so you can get your license while maintaining a job and taking care of your responsibilities.

Do you know of any other benefits of becoming a truck driver? Shout them out in the comment section!

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