Five Vital Details Every Big Truck Owner Should Know

The trucking sector is an important segment for the American economy due to its responsibility in facilitating the transportation of huge quantities of goods and materials. Approximately 3.5 million drivers run the big trucks industry, as estimated by the American Trucking Association. Other agencies such as the Department of Transportation and independent owner-operators, as well as, diesel repair shops, contribute to the evolution of the big truck industry. Here’s is what you need to know about new big trucks hitting the market and the components comprising the big trucks industry.

1. Review of the Introduction of New Big Trucks

With the continuous growth of the trucking industry, the launching of new models of big trucks in the market is inevitable. In an attempt to improve the functioning and efficiency of tractor trailer parts, trucking companies are introducing new models in the market. Recently, Autocar DC-64M and DC-64P were introduced. The Autocar DC is a new big truck designed from scratch with its tractor equipment trailer parts containing sophisticated materials such as aluminum, and steel. You know it’s heavy-duty when aluminum casting is done. These new big trucks are becoming a dream vehicle for most truck owners due to their improved efficiency and the unique procedures they undergo during manufacturing and launching them in the market.

2. What are the Commonly Asked Trucking Industry Questions?

The frequently asked questions include; What is the worth of becoming a driver of a big truck? What are the requirements for operating an independent diesel repair shop? What are the elements that differentiate truck driving from other professions? The fulfillment of certain requirements is necessary for eligibility to operate a successful independent diesel repair shop. A diesel repair company for big trucks offers diagnostic, as well as, repair services for BIG machine parts such as diesel engine systems. Additionally, it orders parts online for repair of worn-out BIG trucks parts.

The worth of serving in the trucking industry as a truck driver depends on an individual’s interests. However, the Department of Transportation (DOT) provides rules and regulations, which stakeholders within the sector should follow. The DOT rules change with state variation; however, specific regulations are followed on a federal level. As such, the new DOT trucking rules require drivers of big trucks of more than 26,000 pounds to acquire commercial drivers’ licenses (CDL). A CDL is necessary for all truck drivers, regardless of the truck size.

3. Review of Aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturers of Trucks

The United States automotive aftermarket is a $287 billion industry with a compound annual growth rate of 3.6%. This speculation indicates the existence of prominent Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for the best big trucks in the U.S. OEMs differ from the aftermarket in the originality of the acquisition of big truck parts. The aftermarket represents the markets for motor vehicles, including big truck parts and accessories. The delivery of tractor trailer parts and heavy-duty trucks is necessary during truck maintenance. Make sure that you have Overweight Permits for heavy items or loads for delivery.

For owners with Volvo models, it is necessary to purchase Volvo semi-truck parts and accessories from reputable dealers to ensure you get the best quality. Purchasing good quality tractor trailer parts not only ensures optimum performance but also saves on money spent on frequently replacing the parts.

4. What are the Top Trends in the Big Trucks Manufacturing Industry?

Truck manufacturing is among the trending headlines in the automobile industry. The launching of the latest xEV-MDT/HDT models is in progress. Resultantly, most companies are strategizing on how big truck owners can buy freightliner parts online. This is in preparation for the introduction of other big trucks such as the freightliner eM2 to the market.

5. The Coolest Accessories Big Trucks Must Have

Big trucks especially custom truck trailers require additional accessories to enhance the drivers’ comfort. Some of the necessary truck accessories include cargo stabilizers, truck tonneau covers, full size long and short truck bed mattresses, under-seat storage box fits, and bullet antenna for General Motors Company (GMC) trucks, among others. Accessories enhance the interior design significantly. For instance, truck mattresses and air beds provide a resting place for drivers. Additionally, under-seat storage boxes are useful for holding the truck drivers’ stuff throughout their journey. Besides storing personal items, they are important for keeping them safe during emergencies.

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