From Subaru STIs to Driving Toward Environmental Change

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When you are in the market for a new vehicle, there are many things to consider. What type of vehicle would be best suited for your needs, your lifestyle, and your preferences? Are you going to be able to afford a brand new vehicle, or would a used car be better suited for your budget? And there are other important factors to think about as well, on a bigger picture scale.

Human innovation has created great achievements and progress, but it has also cost the environment a great deal. In order to continue living in comfort and convenience, there needs to be a shift in priorities, providing the luxuries that so many view as needs while doing so in a way that treats the world around us better. Being socially conscious and environmentally aware as you go into your vehicle purchase can help to make a difference.

What to consider as you head to the car dealership
Perhaps you have something specific in mind, like a Subaru STI. Maybe you are hoping to find out what are the best cars for camping, or for road trips, or for your daily commute. Or perhaps you are just looking to find something in your price range. Just keep in mind that buying a new vehicle is a process that can take time, but that putting in the right time, energy, and research can lead to you driving away in the car that is perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Nearly half of consumers see the auto dealership as a place to learn, which is certainly a good thing to do before making such a hefty purchase. Having a least some buying parameters in place before you go to seal the deal will help you stay within your budget and keep you focused on the features that you need in a car. You could even make a list of questions to ask your local car dealer.

    Some examples of questions you could ask might include:

  • What is the best all wheel drive system?
  • What are some of the best new cars you would suggest looking at?
  • Which vehicles get the best gas mileage?
  • Which cars reduce the negative environmental impact we have collectively created?
  • Does this car come in pink?

There are no stupid questions, as long as they are helping you hone in on the vehicle that you will eventually have ownership of.

Making the right choice
One study suggests that a good 84% of people would rather buy a vehicle in person rather than online or over the phone. You want to see what you will be getting, and ideally drive it home with you as soon as possible. But if you are making an effort to do what is right for the environment and the world around you, you have a bit more of a deliberation process, unless you already have something specific in mind that you know will be a good choice. For example, you might find yourself heading to a Subaru STI dealership on the recommendation of a trusted friend or family member who has let you know that Subaru STIs and other Subaru models are ideal decisions.

Every Subaru vehicle is manufactured in a factory that boasts being zero landfill. This means that wholly 100% of waste created in the manufacturing process is either recycled or converted into electricity. Imagine if every car manufacturer approached production this way. It would be a major step in the right direction, and a great example for the rest of the world to follow. Another environmental issue that is created in major industries like the auto manufacturing industry is the excess of products. Subaru STIs and similar models are created to be durable and long lasting. One study showed that an impressive 98% of Subarus that were sold within the last 10 years are still running and being used today. By creating better vehicles that are reliable, have long lives, and are kinder to the world around us, we can help to ensure a better future.

If the auto industry can shift to having a low negative environmental impact or even better, a positive one, we can start to save ourselves by saving our planet.

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