Growth in the EV Market and The Need for EV Stations Increasing

Electric vehicles have been developed so well over the past decade or so, and have grown as a market recently, making the need for EV stations, or electrical charging stations, very important. Even when some of these cars can be charged at home and have a hybrid fuel motor that is used when the electrical charge runs out, on long trips, those charging stations can be helpful.

What are EV Stations?

EV stations are basically the electric car charging stations or electric vehicle charging companies that have placement where standard gas stations would be needed for traditional fuel motors. These vehicle charging stations may not be needed constantly as not all of these electric cars run only on electric power. Some of these are very advanced, and when it comes to long trips, there will eventually be the need for EV charging networks with multiple EV stations that provide commercial charging stations at places like hotels, lodges, and other locations.

Home as The Most Important EV Station

Most often, when electric vehicles are used for a daily commute, it is best to plug in these electric or hybrid cars overnight for the electric engine to recharge overnight. EV stations will not be needed at the workplace unless you are one of only a few people who would drive hundreds of miles to work. Now, this could be needed if there is a long trip taken for meetings or other events, but this could often include electric charging at a hotel or electric charging at a resort where you might stay overnight for those events.

EV Stations Already Available

As of 2017, there were already over 90,000 electric vehicles on the road, with only about 87% of the charging stations available to the public. Now, the growth of the EV market is about 40% per year, making this a topic that needs a great deal of attention. We already have plenty of gas stations available around the country, and if these electric vehicles are in need of charging throughout the future there will be a need for many more EV stations that are available to the public. This will be even more important if commercial vehicles start to go electric on a much more consistent basis.

Electric vehicles are being included into the transportation system so quickly that there is a need to integrate EV stations into our lives as well. Whether this may be setting up the ability to charge at home, electric car charging for apartments, and even charging your electric car at a hotel or resort, it is going to eventually be important that charging options are available everywhere. Most importantly there is the fact that the growth of the EV market requires the need for growth in available EV stations to those who own these cars.

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