Guide for Electric Vehicle Charging in Apartments and Parking Buildings

Over the past few years, the electric car market has experienced a steady increase in global sales and even surpassed the growth forecast. With an increased focus towards a green economy, people are looking for energy-efficient strategy in all aspects of their lives. This is why many have turned to the eco-friendly hybrid vehicles. One of the requirements of running a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is by installing the right apartment ev charging station. Ideally, apartment ev charging stations are of immense benefits to you as the apartment owner as they are a critical investment based on a number of factors. This is the reason why you need to partner with the right ev charging company offering ev charging stations for apartments to run and maintain the ev station. However, there are major challenges when running apartment ev charging stations especially when you scale up the commercial charging stations. As the number of apartment ev charging stations increases, so does the issues that are likely to occur. This is a major challenge to apartment owners as it also affects the tenants when charging their electric cars. EV charging stations Brisbane makes it easy to charge your electric vehicle with quality EV chargers & cables. Once you decide to shift towards commercial ev charging stations for apartments, below are some of the things you need to know to avoid future issues with your ev station.

Potential Challenges you are Likely to Encounter
When dealing with apartment ev charging stations , one of the most common challenges that you will encounter is limited electric supply. The situation is made worse as the number of charging stations increase at the apartment. Once there is little spare capacity, you will be required to make some major electricity upgrades-which is at times very expensive. There are certain times of the night or day where there is little electricity spare capacity depending on the demand. For example, there is likely to be little electricity spare capacity during the day while you might be lucky to charge your electric car overnight. What you need to understand on matters related to electricity is that small-scale installation of ev stations at the apartment might not present a major issue. However, multiple installation of ev charging stations quickly depletes the electricity capacity. When dealing with several charging station installations, the best approach as the apartment owner is to use a metered supply for the tenants. When running multiple ev charging stations, you can always expect the challenge of managing the fleet-especially when the ev chargers are from different brands. Remember, you cannot expect everyone to have the same brand of an ev charging station because of the difference in their vehicle models. You therefore have to come up with a fleet-management strategy that accommodates each of the brands and allows for seamless charging of electric cars. You’ll also want to have visible EV Charging Bay Markings.

How to Deploy Large Scale Apartment EV Charging
The above challenges are just some of the key highlights that should guide you before moving into large scale apartment ev charging. For starters, plan in advance in installing a commercial ev charging station as opposed to just a few electric chargers. This way, you will ensure the maximum utilization of the chargers as opposed to being left operating a number of non-connected chargers. Building managers may also need to work with a Parking Management Company to make it easier for drivers to park their vehicles.

You also need to invest in fully-connected electric vehicle chargers since non-connected chargers may require to be replaced as you make the decision to scale upwards. Smart ev chargers for example with an open-charge management software allows for the support of OCPP connectivity. This means that you can connect the said ev charger to a wide range of hardware and software thereby not limiting your options to just a single vendor. It is also worth noting that smart ev chargers have an enabled electric load management which further means that they can either be installed close to each other or even be spread across a large area within a block of apartments. When dealing with smart ev chargers, you can also take advantage of cellular-based communications to have direct control on matters of installation and ongoing support. Luckily for ev car owners, cellular-based communication has now been made affordable by most ev chargers vendors.

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