Here is What to Look for in a Car Shampoo

When getting a car wash, many car owners do not closely consider which products are being used on their vehicle. It’s easy to get swayed by a certain product for their marketing, but the ingredients and ratios are what’s most important. Although there are a numerous amount of car shampoos on the market, the best options are going to specifically target grime that cars collect over time while protecting their paint job.

A proper car cleaning cannot be done with the use of household shampoos (e.g. dish soap, laundry detergent, floor cleaner) because these can potentially harm the clear coat of your car. In other cases, non-car soaps may be too weak to offer a proper cleaning. Cars tend to collect heavy dirt and stains that are tough to remove, and a sufficient car shampoo must be strong enough to clear the muck without creating damage.

What Makes Good Car Shampoo?

A self service car wash is likely the best option for cleaning a car, and the shampoos you use should ultimately offer a fair texture with a consistent foaminess. A good soap will also offer lubrication to your vehicle. A slippery and foamy soap will reach deep into the coat of your car, allowing it to lift the dirt and remove it. These are essential factors in choosing a good shampoo.

Another factor to consider may be one that is more difficult to assess. A good car soap is going to have a pH level that sits somewhere near the middle. Of course different pH levels will yield different results, and using soap with a low pH level may result in damage to your vehicle, as the acidity can be dangerous. Low pH levels may strip a layer of coating from your car, potentially leaving faded or blotchy spots.

A high pH level is not exactly dangerous, but it may not do as well a job at cleaning your vehicle. These soaps tend to not have enough strength to remove the tough stains that accumulate with miles on the road. If you’re unsure of which Snow Foam for cars have a fair pH, you can visit one of the car wash locations and ask for assistance.

Where to Get Your Car Washed?

The differences in soap will make all the difference in assuring your car receives a proper cleaning. A soft cloth car wash that’s done with a consistent, foamy, and lubricated shampoo is going to bring the right amount of shine to any vehicle. You can visit an Eco Auto Wash shop to help you get the job done, and by the end, you’re vehicle will be ready to hit the road looking good as new.

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