High Priorities Drive in Armored Vehicles and this is Why

The world you live in is an unpredictable one; one of thousands of people making thousands of decisions every single day. Now is the time to consider investing in an armored vehicle.

What are Armored Vehicles?

If the name did not give it away, armored vehicles are, of course, armored. Armored cars can come in any shape and size, armored SUVs, armored vans and even armored BMWs. And, strangely enough, an armored vehicle is not a new concept. It has been around since 1485. Way before automobiles were even conceived of. If you are wondering who, it was none other than Leonardo da Vinci himself. That should explain it for you.

Safety is the Game

Armored vehicles are aimed to perform one task: protect the people inside. Generally speaking, armored vehicles tend to have bullet-resistant windows and bullet resistant shielding as well as run flat tires, all in an attempt at providing a protection against potential dangers.

And that is not all. You will find armored vehicles with more powerful suspension, a much more powerful engine because it will need the extra horsepower considering the extra protection comes with the cost of added weight to the vehicle.

On top of that, they look like any normal car. Why does that matter? Because it conceals the purpose of the vehicle. It can’t be labeled as a target if the criminal is unaware they are actually looking at an armored vehicle. Take SWAT vehicles, for example. You know they are SWAT vehicles from the way they look. They look like they are ready for action because they have to be and they have to be in a manner that invokes their career. If you see a SWAT vehicle, you are going to turn the other way because you know something is happening that should not be addressed by you.

The discreetness of an armored vehicle is wonderful for the individual who owns it because of the simple fact that armored vehicles are not cheap, unless you get an armored SUV for sale, or an armored van for sale; either way, quite a bit of money is involved and individuals like that prefer to be protected. It circles back to criminals looking to mark their car. How are they supposed to know that is the vehicle if it looks like any normal looking vehicle?

The Pope, specifically John Paul II, started the trend of Popes riding in armored vehicles when an assassination attempt was made on his life back in 1981. And since Pope John Paul II, you will always see the Pope escorted in armored vehicles.

The Cost It Takes

Obviously, buying an armored vehicle is going to set you back several thousands of dollars, whether you consider purchasing a armored SUV for sale or not. If you would like to save some money buying a car, you could always convert your own car, which will cost around $100,000 in some cases, but most likely more. An armored SUV for sale, or any armored vehicle, could be your best bet. It would be best to have the entire vehicle inspected before making the purchase.

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