How Car Wheelchair Platforms Work

Wheelchairs are bulky and prove problematic when trying to fit them into small spaces or getting over inclines. Wheelchair platforms resolve these issues. Car wheelchair platforms provide a movable surface that lifts users into a vehicle, simplifying transport. The powerful motor is controlled by a remote to raise or lower the platform as needed.

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After 750 usage cycles, contact maintenance from certified professionals to keep the lift efficient.

There are many car wheelchair platforms. Interior car platforms lift an unoccupied wheelchair into the trunk of the car. Exterior platforms raise the wheelchair and hold it behind the vehicle’s trunk.
Most used wheelchair vans for sale have car wheelchair platforms that feature single-arm or double-arm units to lift higher weight capacity while maintaining stability. Single-arm platforms are electrically powered, featuring webbed straps to secure the wheelchair. Single platforms split apart to stow in the vehicle.

Then there are under-vehicle car wheelchair platforms stored in an air-tight compartment under the vehicle. When deployed, the lift platform slides forward, allowing the wheelchair to roll up or down. These kinds are great if you are looking to save on cargo space.

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