How Car Wraps Can Improve Your Company Fleet of Vehicles

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If you run a business that involves home visitation, it’s important to have a recognizable vehicle. Fleet vehicles can significantly boost name recognition for your company, and you’ll also make your clients more comfortable.

Driving up to someone’s home in an unmarked van doesn’t give a great first impression, and a single logo sticker slapped hastily onto your side door may not work very well either. A sloppy homemade paint job will look worse than both of those, but a professional paint job is expensive.

So how can you make your vehicle recognizable for an affordable price? The answer is simple: invest in HardySigns vehicle wrapping.

Custom car wraps have one of the lowest cost-per-impression rates of any advertising technique on the market. Vehicle wraps are usually designed digitally and then printed out on vinyl, which can be removed without damaging the original paint of the vehicle. This means that you can update your vehicle wrap graphics if you want to, or remove the vinyl and sell your vehicle if you decide to upgrade. If you’re interested in trying this out yourself, you can check out the best vinyl for decals here.

Some businesses that used car wraps saw a business increase of 107%, and over 95% of Americans are reached by media and advertising that targets people in vehicles. In fact, a single car wrap can garner between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day, and the average vehicle driven 15,000 miles a year will end up passing nine million vehicles in that time: imagine what a fleet could do!

Vehicle wraps work around the clock to promote your business. You’ll be reaching every possible demographic just by driving to your next home visit. Not to mention it’s a one-time fee. You have to pay to rent a billboard or take out a regular newspaper ad, but once you have your car wrapped with vehicle decals, you have an advertising tool that doesn’t cost you anything but occasional maintenance.

Contact a car wrap company in your area to see what they can do for your fleet.

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