How Many Times a Week Do You Lose Your Keys?

Operator error.

Those two words are the kindest way that you can explain your latest misadventure in the car. No one was hurt and no damage occurred, but it was not one of your smartest moments. As you began to back out of the local grocery store parking lot, you were puzzled why your car’s backup camera was not working. Looking over your shoulder several time and checking the side views mirrors more than once, you stepped on the gas to back out and head for home. Mysteriously, you could not accelerate and it was only then that you noticed you had shifted the car into neutral, not reverse.

This is the kind of scatter brained thing that you have caught yourself doing on several occasions. Fortunately, this time it was no harm, no foul. During a previous state of confusion you evidently threw out your key fob with the trash and later found yourself searching the internet for “key fob replacement near me.” That mistake required a much more expensive fix. At several hundred dollars for a single key fob, you have been much more careful any time you are taking out the garbage, whether if is is at home or at the mall food court. You now also have a strong family room that all key fobs are hung in one central location so that family members can have access when needed. One fob for each car hangs in the hallway and the extra fobs are stored in safe place upstairs.

Keyless Entries Offer Both Advantages and Disadvantages

The convenience of not having to have your keys out to either lock or unlock you car is great. For some drivers, however, the use of the new key fob style can cause other problems though. If you are careless with your keys, in fact, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars once you have completed your own “key fob replacement near me” search.

Not only are these fobs expensive to replace, they can also be expensive to repair. Mobile automotive locksmiths offer repair services, but this often involves the task to reprogram key fob and those skills are expensive. As of May 2017, there were an estimated 17,500 people employed as locksmiths and safe repairers, and a growing number of them are starting to specialize in the computer technology needed to repair and reprogram key fobs. Although this traning can be intensive, it is lucrative. In fact, although a basic traditional car key can cost between $3 and $10 to get made, a smart key can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 to be replaced. The need to search for “key fob replacement near me” is never fun, and certainly never cheap.

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