How Old Is the Trailer That You Pull Behind Your Pickup?

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Preparing for the next change of weather has taken on a while new meaning in the state of Florida. As thousands of Floridians line the highways and interstates heading north and inland to avoid the expected damaging winds of Hurricane Irma, the drivers are likely getting a more detailed view of all the cars, trucks, RVs, and SUVs that are trying to make their way to safety.
From the near constant red lights on trailer backup cameras to the view of vehicles in front and beside, the long, slow evacuation has started as these residents hope to put some distance between themselves and the weather event that is supposed to reach landfall in Florida by Sunday morning.
Fortunately, wireless rear view cameras and other accessories will help drivers keep track of not only what is in front of them, but also what is behind them as they make their way out of the coastal areas that will likely suffer the most damage.
Does The Boat Carrier That You Drive Have a Trailer Backup Camera?
If you have ever experienced the luxury of pulling a trailer that makes use of the latest technologies like a trailer backup camera you probably never want to be without them again. Like many of the latest technologies, it is very often difficult to drive without them ever again. The safety provided, for instance, by a back up camera that also gives a warning sound can help you be an even safer driver. Once you have driven a vehicle with that option, however, it can be difficult to transition back to a car that does not have those same features.
Fortunately, the industry continues to develop technologies that can even be added as after market features. Wireless backup cameras, for instance can help recreational vehicle travelers with older models have safer travels. And while there are many new features that help today’s drivers, it is still important to make sure that every vehicle owner also maintains the standard features on their cars, trucks, RVs, and SUVs as well
Consider some of these statistics and recommendations about available accessories and standard car maintenance:

  • 10.8 years is the average age of the cars on U.S. roads.
  • 18% of vehicles have low or contaminated brake fluid, according to a recent car maintenance survey.
  • Three months, or every 3,000 miles is the recommended time that a car should go before the engine oil is changed.
  • Before changing your oil, it is important to make sure that the engine is the right temperature. For instance, If the engine is cold, start it and let it run for five minutes to warm the oil. If the engine is hot, wait at least 30 minutes to avoid getting burned by oil and car parts that are too hot.
  • 80% of surveyed drivers agreed that backup cameras improve their safety while they are on the road, even if it is for a short drive.

Whether you are a Florida resident trying to safely make your way out of the predicted Hurricane Irma zone, or you are a parent just teaching a teenager how to drive, it is important to take advantage of the latest technologies that can make us safer drivers, as well as follow standard maintenance requests.

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