How to Change A Flat Tire : How To Remove A Spare Tire


The spare tire on SUVs and trucks is usually located underneath the car, exactly where you may want to uncover the crank hole to reduce it to the ground when modifying a…

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24 Replies to “How to Change A Flat Tire : How To Remove A Spare Tire”

  1. olgunna19 says:

    Thank you!

  2. wa4aos says:

    Thanks.. EXCELLENT!!!!

  3. HDeverythingSD says:

    ive looked in my truck, chevy blazer ls. I cant find it… i bought it used, it might have been taken out or something.

  4. John Scott says:

    The crank and other tools are usually in a side compartment (Isuzu Rodeo), in a compartment under the carpet, or in a compartment inside the rear door (LC200).

  5. HDeverythingSD says:

    You need to tell where you got that tire crank, to lower the tire. Auto zone doesnt have any.

  6. Ivunda B says:

    Thank you very much for making and posting this video! It saved me so much stress and time!

  7. tweed187187 says:

    Thanks so much for the video.i got a 99 jimmy that i was under forever trying to unscrew that thing off the tire and i couldnt.i than tried jacking the spare tire up to see if i could get it off and that wasnt even the right way lol.i never knew i had that hole for that,great video.

  8. My123Cents says:

    Big thanks to Jeff. This video came in handy this afternoon as I helped a woman with a flat.  I’m not mechanical at all, so this saved the day!

  9. CalibanVOV says:


  10. Vanessa Maldonado says:

    he made a lot of vids

  11. GrandpaBambu says:

    I did have a flat on my 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe a while back. I quickly located the spare suspended below the stowage boxes. Now, as I had never lowered the spare prior, I was unsure as to where the crank to lower it was. I quickly found a small round access panel (more like a plastic plug) to where the crank was. This access panel had a slot in it for a screw driver to remove it. ‘GREAT’ I didn’t have a screw driver. I eventually found a 25 cent piece to remove the plug. The rest was easy…

  12. GrandpaBambu says:

    Personally, I don’t need a video on how to change a wheel with a flat tire. My dad taught me that when I was 10 years old. However, I would wager that the majority of drivers wouldn’t have a clue on how to swap a flat for the ‘doh’nut.

  13. jamey347 says:

    if you need a video to show you how to change a tire, you shouldn’t be driving.

  14. Juan Garzon says:

    You saved my night !

  15. leeswain44 says:

    Thanks…you’ve helped me a GREAT deal.Again THANKS!!!!!

  16. Jorge Sanchez says:

    Thanks…I have no idea how to do

  17. SirNicholasD says:

    Thanks a lot, Ramundo Vasquez 🙂

  18. dnolasco55 says:

    I got a GMC Yukon XL & I can’t get the spare tire out from under.

  19. sparcotiel says:

    Now try it with a 1999 silverado! Pain in the ass!

  20. Thomas Sillivan says:

    i wish it was that simple

  21. Marimar Jauregui says:

    Thank you!!! Helped so much

  22. Basslife21 says:

    Helped a lot!

  23. may mal says:

    I dont know if you did in wrong ho right but help a lot thanks man

  24. JaySmitty33 says:

    I think you are doing it the Wong way.

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